Monday, November 29, 2021

EPA shuts down leaking oil refinery in St. Croix over ‘imminent’ public health threat

“This is a majority-Black island in a U.S. territory. It is located next to public housing. If this refinery were located most anywhere else in the country, it would have been shut down months ago.”

How to make sure Biden’s infrastructure plan can hold up to climate change –...

What if infrastructure were designed to meet shorter-term needs and also be easily adapted later for the future climate?

‘We need to act now’: Study reveals glaciers melting at unprecedented pace

“A doubling of the thinning rates in 20 years for glaciers outside Greenland and Antarctica tells us we need to change the way we live,” the study’s lead author said.

In victory for public health, Biden’s EPA reverses Trump-era ‘secret science’ rule

“The Biden administration is making clear that the best available science, and not political interference from industry, will guide the EPA’s decisions on protecting the public from pollution.”

This year’s e-waste to outweigh Great Wall of China

2021’s mountain of waste didn’t grow out of nowhere.

SoCalGas, nation’s largest gas utility, sues California over climate policy for not ‘maximizing the...

The SoCalGas lawsuit “is a flailing and petulant move by [the] gas industry willing to try anything to prevent California from moving past fossil fuels.”

Amazon, IKEA among 9 companies pledging to use zero-carbon shipping fuels by 2040

“If major retail brands truly want to do their fair share on climate change, they need to be on a course correction now, not 19 years from now.”

Judge allows DAPL to keep pumping oil despite lack of permit

“Here, an environmentally devastating pipeline was constructed in flagrant violation of the law.”

Painting the world green

How committed is the Biden administration to reshaping U.S. foreign policy to save the planet?

Biden to restore protections to three national monuments cut by Trump

Biden will expand Bears Ears and the Grand Staircase-Escalante national monuments in what is now Utah.