Monday, December 11, 2023

Climate scientist: As UN warns of global catastrophe, we need a ‘Marshall Plan’ for...

Or otherwise, millions will be imperiled by increasing droughts, floods, fires and poverty.

Trump’s push for offshore oil drilling

Offshore oil drilling: regularly disastrous – and unnecessary.

Canada passes ‘Free Willy’ bill banning whale and dolphin captivity

"Today is a really good day for animals in Canada."

A planet of missing beauties

In truth, in this coronaviral moment of ours, our world is being transformed before our eyes into one of missing beauties.

The TPP and Free Trade: Time to Retake the English Language

The TPP is not about free trade.

WATCH: DOJ Must Investigate Use of Force Against #DAPL Resistance

Tribal Chair of the Standing Rock Sioux calls on the Justice Department to launch an investigation into the use of force against those resisting the Dakota Access pipeline.

How Jeff Sessions profited from introducing a fracking exemption for drinking water rules

It remains to be seen whether Sessions will face questions about his support for the S.724 (“the Halliburton Loophole”) or his Energen stock sell-off.

Will the US Catholic Church Divest from Fossil Fuels and Buy Solar Panels Instead?...

The pope is trying to get the word out to U.S. Catholics to do something practical about climate change. Will Pope Francis help move all Americans toward a greener and less dangerous future?

“Defending the sacred”: Indigenous water protectors continue resistance to Line 3 pipeline in Minnesota

“This, to me, is an extension of the fight that’s happening all over Mother Earth, protecting the last beautiful places, protecting the sacred.”

Fighting climate change with compassion, one letter at a time

An Interview with DearTomorrow cofounders Jill Kubit and Trisha Shrum.