Sunday, July 5, 2020

DARK Act Compromise Could Preempt Vermont’s GMO Label Law

Any bill on GMO labeling that would result in anything less than mandatory on-package labeling is unacceptable.

Michigan Attorney General Sues Companies Involved in Flint Water Crisis

Shuette’s lawsuit alleges that LAN, Veolia, and their affiliated corporations must be held responsible for “their roles in the events known as the Flint Water Crisis."

World’s Largest Food Distributor Commits to Source 100% Cage-Free Eggs

Sysco said that the transition to a 100 percent cage-free egg supply chain by 2026 will require significant collaboration amongst industry participants

EPA Bans Fracking Wastewater from Sewage Treatment Plants

“While no known municipal treatment plants currently accept fracking waste, the option could have become more attractive to drillers as standards tightened on other waste disposal methods.”

Breaking Dogma to Cure Cancer

How a century of research went astray in trying to cure cancer.

In 17 Days Vermont’s Historic GMO Labeling Law Goes Into Effect: Is Big Food...

It’s clear that food companies are quietly preparing for Vermont’s seemingly inevitable label law.

First Commercial Crop of GMO Arctic Apples About to Hit Market

Following intense consumer backlash, a number of major food companies such as Wendy’s, McDonald’s and Gerber expressed that they had no plans to source or sell the GMO apple.

6 Questions for Monsanto

Monsanto, the biotech giant, has become the poster-child for all that’s wrong with our industrial food and farming system.

These 33 Cities Cheated on Lead Contamination Tests, Similar to Flint, Michigan

The three “cheats” used by cities include: running the faucet for a while before collecting a sample to flush out the system; removing aerators from faucets before collecting a sample; and running the water slowly.

Glyphosate Found in Urine of 93 percent of Americans Tested

Glyphosate-containing herbicides are sold under trademarks such as Monsanto’s Roundup.