Friday, September 25, 2020

Medicare for All ‘is what patients need’: New Harvard study shows even those with...

“When so many people can’t get the care they need even when they have insurance coverage, it says that insurance is not doing what it is supposed to do: ensure that healthcare is affordable when you need it.”

A death in Louisiana’s cancer alley reinforces a small town’s fears of industry impacts

Helping the residents of St. James relocate seems more feasible than assuring them that the air they are breathing is clean.

Atlantic City could be the next Flint – but residents are fighting to save...

Chris Christie-appointed officials may soon privatize the city’s water utility.

We have the money to fix our food system

Imagine supporting farmers markets, child nutrition, and local agriculture with money we spend on factory farms.

Wash your hands? Despite pandemic, thousands still have no water in Detroit, a coronavirus...

Despite the city announcing a moratorium on water shutoffs and a program to help thousands of residents restore service last month, people in Detroit are still reporting lack of access to water and even ongoing shutoffs.

Blue Water Veterans Now Get Agent Orange Rights

January 29, 2019, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit released a decision which marks a seismic shift in the field...

Trump’s EPA dismisses dangers of chlorpyrifos on children’s brain downplaying agency’s own findings

“The EPA is ignoring decades of science by leading universities and in doing so, it's neglecting its duty to protect children from pesticides.”

Tobacco industry donates millions to try and defeat Medicaid expansion in Montana

"Voters in Montana have a simple choice: side with companies that kill or with Montanans who need access to healthcare.”

New Zealand Parliament votes to decriminalize abortion care

“From now abortions will be rightly treated as a health issue. The previous law required a woman seeking an abortion to go through many hoops.”