Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Disposable Americans: The Numbers are Growing

What's astonishing is the disregard that many of the super-rich have for struggling Americans.

FDA Changes Food Nutrition Label Requirements for the First Time in 20 Years

Michelle Obama helped to announce on Friday that the FDA approved a new set of requirements for food nutrition labels for the first time in decades.

‘Frankenfish’ Threatens Food Safety

Despite the continued fight from public health and climate activists, genetically modified salmon has been officially authorized for sale in Canada.

Congress Approves A Major Step Forward For Medical Marijuana

Thursday brought a big breakthrough for medical marijuana supporters.

Pope Francis To Employers Who Don’t Offer Health Care: You Are ‘True Leeches’

He said they "live on the bloodletting of the people they make slaves to work."

Big Ag Fights to the Bitter End to Keep Pesticide From Being Banned

“So it comes as no surprise that Big Ag will fight to the bitter end to keep its grip on pesticides and other outdated and environmentally risky tools.”

Beekeepers Lost 44% of Honey Bee Colonies Last Year

Beekeepers recently reported that this last year was the highest annual loss of bee colonies in the past six years.

Maryland Passes the Most Sweeping Birth Control Access Law In the Country

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan signed a bill into law eliminating most co-pays and all prescriptions for birth control, demanding coverage for up to 13 months of birth control at a time, and shedding costs for vasectomies.

‘Mistaken’ Release of Glyphosate Report Raises Questions Over EPA’s Ties to Monsanto

Monsanto has vehemently denied cancer claims of its blockbuster product and has demanded a retraction of the IARC report.

Tell Republicans In Congress: Don’t Cut Free Lunches For Poor Children

“Students should have more access to federally subsidized breakfast and summertime meals without sacrificing midday meals.”