Saturday, December 7, 2019

Two elections, one apartheid state

As we watch this round of voting in Israel, let’s remember that only 30 percent of Palestinians living under Israeli rule have the right to vote.

US and Hungary only two nations to vote no on helping refugees at UN...

"While the vote does not represent a formal withdrawal from the Compact, it does send a signal that the wealthiest country the world intends to abdicate global leadership in working towards the Compact's objectives."

Trump’s Supreme Court strikes blow to government workers, good paying jobs

“This is a concerted, corporate-funded effort to get rid of public employee unions."

Battering ram

Trump's new acting attorney general has exactly one purpose.

California governor proposes nation’s longest paid family leave

Newsom and his administration proposed six months paid family leave, the nation's longest if approved.

Libra: Facebook’s audacious bid for global monetary control

Payments can happen cheaply and easily without banks or credit card companies. This has now been demonstrated – not in the United...

Bernie Sanders calls for a new international left to fight Steve Bannon’s right-wing “Movement”

Supposed genius Steve Bannon thinks he can lure progressives into the nationalist right. Sanders says no thanks.

Debacle at Doha

In announcing the kingdom’s new economic blueprint on April 25th, Prince Mohammed vowed to liberate the country from its “addiction” to oil.”

How climate policies hurt the poor

Over the past 25 years, nearly 1.2 billion people around the world have been lifted out of poverty, while both malnutrition and the risk of death from...

What are joint fundraising committees, and how are they helping Trump?

A Republican fundraiser in the Hamptons in early August featuring an appearance by President Donald Trump sold tickets for as much as $250,000.