Sunday, July 12, 2020

Lord Trumpismo, Pace ‘Ozymandias’

How the mighty do fall, and how the fake mighty fall, often amidst high comedy -- with a whimper, not a bang. A little fun skewering the Donald. The good news is he won't appreciate the joke.

The 2016 Presidential Elections and the Cost of Democracy

For the moral importance of democracy is not the language of money but the ‘Will of the People.’

On Fracking, Clinton And Sanders Give Vastly Different Answers

"My answer is a lot shorter," Sanders said. "No. I do not support fracking,"

As Coasts Flood, Why Isn’t the Corporate Press Asking Candidates About Climate Change?

It is also possible that corporate capitalism, which both runs the candidates and runs the so-called “news” companies, is about as good at dealing with a rapidly changing environment as the dodo was.

The Curse of Incumbency (And Death of Democracy?)

There's still a chance we can fix it, that it isn't too late. As voters, we have to wake up and do our part to awaken others to the crisis we're facing in this country.

The Empowerment of Women Will Be Central to Realising Sustainable Global Development

Listening to, and valuing, grassroots women's knowledge and experience will help to shape progress towards 2030 that is good for people, the planet and gender equality.

Three Times When the World Broke Open – and Two When It Might Again

Never before has humanity depended so fully for the survival of us all on a social movement being willing to bet on impracticality.

Bernie Sanders Releases Powerful New Video Fighting Exploitation

If elected president, Sanders promises to do everything in his power to put an end to the exploitation of both migrant and domestic workers.

For Honest Conservatives, the Only Answer Is #NeverTrump

Unfortunately, the Republican Party and the conservative movement have not yet confronted the profound problems that Trump did not cause but merely symbolizes.