Wednesday, August 12, 2020

How Did the 2016 Candidates Fare on Super Tuesday?

Here are the current results for the winners and runners up for the Super Tuesday primaries.

Hillary Clinton Caught Lying to Voters on Trade Deal

Whether or not the Justice Department decides to prosecute Clinton for sending and receiving classified emails on a private server, her emails prove that she cannot be trusted.

The Graveyard of the Elites

The establishment structure is sliding toward its death, and the foremost sign of this is the silly and sickening display of "junk politics" that we call an election campaign.

What’s Really at Stake in the Apple Encryption Debate

The government has never been allowed to create a “backdoor” to encrypted devices. Now, it’s trying to force Apple to build one.

The End of Big Banks

When reasonable Republicans and Democrats begin to converge on policy, we are more likely to get sensible change.

GMO Labeling Won’t Increase Food Prices

Sadly, the opponents of GMO labeling are making the same arguments made three decades ago to fight the Nutrition Facts Panel.

Too Many of the Birds, Bees, and Butterflies That Pollinate Crops Face Extinction

A new international report on pollinators highlights the threats faced by the wild species that farmers rely on.

An Open Letter to the Republican Establishment

"You’d have done far better with a political system less poisoned by your money – and, therefore, less volatile and polarized, more capable of responding to the needs of average people, less palpably rigged in your favor."

Want America to be Great? Nominate Trump and Sanders

What if one-third of the right's seething, trust-only-their-gut gang cram Trump, already a General Election underdog, down their party throat? Fire-breathing Trumpery has not just dismantled the rightwing propaganda machine. He's discredited all lead "conservative" ideologues and their tiresome, failed ideology. Daily, Trump decimates the broken Bush coalition of billionaires, evangelicals and angry, dispossessed white workers. Bravo, I say! Trump is a win-win for the left, whether a primary winner or not.

Why Student Loans are Creating a Permanent U.S. Underclass

With private lenders out of the business, government is now in charge of issuing newer debt – but rather than alleviating the problem faced by young Americans, some programs on offer seem as predatory as what came before them.