Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Scott Brown Says Orlando Shooting Did Not Primarily Target Gay People

“I don’t identify the people who were murdered as from a particular class of people.”

The billionaire energy investor who vetted Trump’s EPA pick has long list of EPA...

Pruitt is a wholly owned subsidiary of the oil industry.

Why the American majority despises Trump’s Washington

Why do these doofuses keep trying to shove such wildly unpopular measures down people's throats?

Neil Gorsuch and the case of the frozen trucker

Neil Gorsuch cast a cold, solitary vote against a worker who was fighting for his life.

The Top 5 Reasons Obama Beat the GOP and Israel Lobby’s Effort to Kill...

As 40 Democratic senators and two independent senators stood with President Obama on the Iran deal, it is the most severe Democratic defeat since the 80s. But how did they do it?

Bernie, The Donald, and the Sins of Liberalism

An American Version of Class Struggle

Trump’s perilous gamble: Act guilty, evade infamy; then ‘redeemed,’ lord over ‘lying losers’

How does a careening president, readily turning into Liar-in-Chief and under FBI scrutiny, reverse his humiliating situation?

What to do when you see science denial at the science museum

I went to DC’s Smithsonian Museum of Natural History expecting to learn about the history of our planet. Instead, I stumbled upon a Koch-funded climate denial disaster.

Hillary Finally Spoke Up About Inequality—20 Years Ago

Hillary Clinton was prescient in addressing the harms of an increasingly unfair economy just as she was 20 years ago, when President Clinton was running for re-election and wrote against the odds, "It Takes A Village." Is she really a progressive?

Of Caesar, guns and trolls: The evil that men do

The GOP and right wing will use any diversion to distract us from an agenda of cruelty and madness.