Tuesday, November 12, 2019

It can’t happen here (but it just did)

Now we all stand on the precipice — of aggressive nationalism, of ugly prejudice, of climate change, of despair.

Scotland Yard investigating sexual assault claims against Harvey Weinstein

Weinstein has reportedly entered rehab in an attempt to lighten his sentence in the face of multiple impending international sexual assault and rape investigations.

Trump’s roundup of immigrant leaders has begun

In a concerted effort by the Trump administration, ICE is targeting leaders in the immigrant community.

Trump’s Supreme Court pageant: a silly show to fill a stolen seat

Republicans stole the seat from the president who was elected to fill it – and, more importantly, from the voters who elected him.

VIDEO: The Four Big Lies About Immigrants—and the Truth

While Donald Trump “opened the floodgates to lies about immigration,” Robert Reich uncovers these myths and explores the truth behind immigration and the government’s comprehensive immigration reform.

What’s Wrong With Hillary?

The Clinton so many people seem to distrust has been shaped in large part by the media who cover her – and the image she has had to create in self-defense.

Guilty of grand theft overtime

A new ruling denies overtime protection to millions of workers.

Trump’s humongous infrastructure con

To really make America great again we need more and better infrastructure that’s for the public – not for big developers and investors.

Why did Trumpcare fail?

Trump could probably sell BS to a feedlot – but this bill was even worse.

What, me worry?

Trump responds to a stark UN panel warning on climate change.