Saturday, May 30, 2020

Canada becomes second country to legalize recreational marijuana at federal level

"This is a historic step forward for the movement to end marijuana prohibition."

Loving America and resisting Trump

The new patriotism.

Discharging immigrants: Enlistees in the US Army with legal status no longer on path...

“This decision must be reversed now, for the sake of our military, to show that America keeps its word and to uphold the very values we claim to stand for."

How you can stop Trump’s lie machine

We’re not going to get Trump to stop lying but we can at least limit his ability to amplify those lies.

Bernie Sanders calls for a new international left to fight Steve Bannon’s right-wing “Movement”

Supposed genius Steve Bannon thinks he can lure progressives into the nationalist right. Sanders says no thanks.

Donald Trump has betrayed the working class.

He still claims he’s on their side. That’s one of his biggest lies of all.

The Future of Food: 16 Most Exciting Stories for 2016

Here we have selected 16 stories that represent the most exciting food trends for 2016.

These voters had to wait for hours: ‘It felt like a type of disenfranchisement’

Many would-be voters’ first attempts were foiled by problems at polling places. There isn’t good data on how many people ultimately don’t cast a ballot.


I wonder. What are the American people made of? Time will tell.