For every 1,000 signatures, NationofChange will send a letter to Governor Rick Snyder, demanding that he cease charging Flint residents for contaminated water.

Update 3/16/17: We have sent the first letter to Governor Snyder with 1,000+ of your signatures. We will continue to send letters every 1,000 signatures. Thank you!

The situation in Flint has gotten out of control. The National Guard has finally been called in to deal with a major water crisis that has left hundreds sick or dead. The emergency level of lead in the water has rendered it undrinkable, yet residents of Flint are still being charged for the poisoned water.

What’s even worse, is if residents don’t pay for the undrinkable water, they are threatened with a shutoff. Residents feel that not only should they be given a pass on water shut off but that they shouldn’t have to be for contaminated water that they can’t even use. Michigan officials were able to pay for clean water for state officials a full year before they started providing clean water to the public.

Officials in Flint had illegally hiked water rates several years ago, and ignored a judges order to halt shutoffs and revise customer’s bills. Residents are still receiving shut off notices regardless of the illegal rate hike and now the poisoned water.

We need to tell Governor Snyder to cease the shut off notices and stop charging Flint residents for undrinkable water until the crisis is under control.

You can read more information about the water crisis in Flint here:

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Flint Water Study: http://flintwaterstudy.org/

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signed 1 week ago

It's outrageous that the city sends them contaminated water. It's even more outrageous that they are forced to pay for this water.


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signed 3 weeks ago


signed 4 weeks ago

I can't even believe I would have to give a reason why? Everyone has a right to safe and clean water for themselves and for their families


signed 4 weeks ago

My late Dad was a proud Michigander. He would have regarded Flint switch as a tragic crime, an environmental disaster, and consumer fraud.