Monday, March 4, 2024

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Night thoughts on Trump and America

Our democratic institutions have so far stood the test and remain strong. America will be back.

Demobilizing America

A nation made by war and a citizenry unmade by it.

Bringing America together again

Every aspect of American society has been disadvantaged by establishment support for moneyed interests. Any other scapegoat is a distraction.

Make America ungovernable

Now is the time to shut down the systems of power. Now is the time to resist.

Is Trump’s America our America?

Here we are in Trumplandia, with a delusional leader of a plutocratic party trying to redefine reality with “alternative facts,” fake news, and a blitzkrieg of Orwellian “Newspeak.”

Building the institutions for revolt

No movement will survive unless it is built on the foundation of deep community relationships. Organizers must learn to listen, even to those who do not agree with them.

Post-fascist Europe tells us exactly how to defend our Democracy

Have your passports ready, watch your language, and other advice from a Yale history professor.

The real face of Washington (and America)

Thank You, Donald Trump

‘I will not shut up. America is still worth fighting for.’

A professor included on the recently published "watchlist" that calls out 200 American educators for being leftist radicals reflects on her "dubious honor."

3 Reasons a New President Won’t Help America

We need a guaranteed income. It's the one way we could immediately instill a degree of equality in America, while restoring some of the missing trust in each other.


Corporate giants pay minimal taxes, reveals ITEP study on Trump-GOP tax law’s impact

ITEP's latest study exposes how the 2017 tax law has allowed major U.S. corporations to drastically reduce their tax bills, highlighting the need for urgent reform in corporate taxation.

Trinidad and Tobago faces historic environmental crisis with massive oil spill

The spill, emanating from a ship named Gulfstream, has wreaked havoc on over 25 miles of pristine coastline, endangering the coral reefs, Atlantic beaches, and the livelihoods dependent on these natural resources.

Biden administration fuels rural and tribal progress with $366 million green energy boost

Biden's $366 million green energy initiative promises a sustainable future for rural and tribal communities, spotlighting the administration's dedication to equitable clean energy access.

My ultimate history crash course

To understand the present, study the past. 

The foreign policy issue that could decide the U.S. presidential election

Leading Democrats and Republicans are scrambling to look "tough" on immigration.