Friday, December 9, 2022

Tag: big money

When big money buys off criticism of big money

Big money should not be influencing what should be investigated, revealed, and discussed – especially about big money.

Who won in 2016? Big money.

Neither Clinton nor Trump took on the role of corporate mega-donors this election.

Clinton’s Defense of Big Money Won’t Cut It

This surely will be one of the issues that Sanders carries into the convention. And it is one that Democrats and Clinton should adopt as central to their platform.

The End of Big Money in Elections? 6 Reasons to Think...

Signs of change are cropping up everywhere from grassroots actions to the presidential campaigns.

Hillary to Bernie: You Smear Me When You Tell the Truth

If you accept big money, you know it always comes with strings attached. The more big money you accept, the more strings, until no matter how much you resist, you end up dancing like a puppet on those strings.


US to launch Squad, first solar electric city car

“Squad offers an affordable, secure, quick and sustainable solution for your daily mobility needs.”

The Constitution as free-for-all, a la carte buffet

If this be not the worst subversion,/ Where's real career-ending perversion?

100+ groups urge Congress to back Sanders’ Yemen War Powers Resolution

"In an effort to renew this truce and further incentivize Saudi Arabia to stay at the negotiating table, we urge you to bring the War Powers Resolutions to end U.S. military participation in the Saudi-led coalition's war on Yemen."

Winning Georgia Senate seat, Sen. Raphael Warnock overcomes GOP push

More than 48 percent of Georgians voted for Herschel Walker, showing Republican loyalty in a battleground state.

Former Superfund Site becomes largest landfill solar farm in North America

The project is just one example of an innovative trend turning symptoms of throwaway culture into sites for generating renewable energy.