Friday, May 14, 2021

Tag: climate crisis

What impact will the Climate Union Jobs Act have on the...

As renewable energy jobs unionize, we can expect to see an increase in the size of green power companies.

‘We need to act now’: Study reveals glaciers melting at unprecedented...

“A doubling of the thinning rates in 20 years for glaciers outside Greenland and Antarctica tells us we need to change the way we live,” the study’s lead author said.

Sustainability trends that will change 2021

We need to improve sustainability since our future survival relies upon it.

Climate change is a security threat the government keeps ignoring. We’ll...

Unlike traditional national security threats, climate threats have no respect for national or sector borders and cannot be solved with missiles.

‘Wall Street is a primary villain’ in climate crisis, analysis shows

DeSmog’s investigation found that at least 65% of directors from 39 global banks had 940 connections to “climate-conflicted” industries.

Toxic waste ponds dangerously vulnerable to climate change

“They’re just an irresponsible way to store very dangerous waste.”

Painting the world green

How committed is the Biden administration to reshaping U.S. foreign policy to save the planet?

Freaky weather past and present: Is this winter weather the new...

Storm Uri wreaked havoc last month and has left many wondering about how often these storms will happen and why.

Lockdown-size emission cuts are needed every two years to combat climate...

The concern now is whether countries can build on the reductions caused by the pandemic, or if emissions will increase again as economies reopen.

Keep thinking outside the box

Climate change is caused by too much reliance on fossil fuels – and yet the United States continues to rely upon them.


The end of (inconvenient) protest?

Protest has been a tool that the left has used to force government action throughout the English speaking world.

Sound the alarms, McConnell and Manchin put roadblocks in front of Biden’s agenda

When will we hear our president tell us how he plans to get all this great legislation underway in a Senate that is filled with McConnell and Manchin roadblocks?

Biden administration plans an immediate ban on menthol cigarettes

Studies prove that such bans will help people quit smoking, especially those disproportionately affected by menthol cigarettes.

What America can learn from China—Lessons from the pandemic

While the China model cannot be transplanted to the West, there’s a lot that America can learn from China.

A pesticide linked to brain damage in children could finally be banned

A court has ruled that the EPA must ban the controversial pesticide chlorpyrifos—or prove its safety.