Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Tag: climate crisis

‘This is an emergency’: Oxfam says rich nations’ $100 billion climate...

“Time is running out for rich nations to build trust and deliver on their unmet target.”

Ahead of COP26, top Biden appointees pushing natural gas are undermining...

The Biden administration’s commitment to natural gas, also known as fossil gas, isn’t a commitment to reaching net-zero by 2050, says a researcher at Global Witness; it’s a promise to the oil and gas industry that they’re still in control. As a major climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland, approaches, the Biden administration must urgently change course on fossil gas.

Leaked docs reveal fossil fuel-soaked nations lobbying to sabotage climate action

“They are using every opportunity to protect their corporate interests and continue with business as usual while the planet burns.”

Don’t let youth climate activists like me burn out

To all the COP26 delegates and others with power over what happens at this conference: Please show us that you’ve heard us.

Despite climate crisis, politicians will double the production of energy from...

“Fossil-fuel-producing nations must recognize their role and responsibility in closing the production gap and steering us towards a safe climate future.”

We need immediate and drastic climate action

We must very rapidly stop the extraction and use of fossil fuels.

How to save the world (from a climate armageddon)

There’s only one way and this is it...

New WHO report demands urgent action on climate and health crises

“The same unsustainable choices that are killing our planet are killing people.”

“Code red” for climate means reducing US oil and gas production

Whatever long game the Biden administration hopes to play, the planet is telling us that we are going into the fourth quarter with no promise of overtime.

Climate-change transition in the age of the billionaire

A world of solidarity economics or climate profiteering?


Bogus “rugged individualism” corrodes our social fabric, fueling violent protest & pandemic mayhem

Either “rugged individualism” is exposed as a mistaken, scam mythology, disrupting and exploiting what’s good for the many -- or we face something closer to “rugged extinction.”

Oklahoma Supreme Court puts temporary hold on 3 abortion laws due to go into...

“All of these laws have the same goal: to make it harder to get an abortion in Oklahoma.”

Don’t believe corporate America’s ‘labor shortage’ bullshit. This is an unofficial general strike.

What’s really happening is more accurately described as a living-wage shortage, a hazard pay shortage, a childcare shortage, a paid sick leave shortage, and a health care shortage.

Minneapolis cop charged after killing innocent man with patrol car

The Hennepin County Attorney’s Office announced that Officer Brian Cummings has been charged with felony counts of second degree manslaughter and criminal vehicular homicide.

Personal interview: Abby Martin what are the prospects for peace?

Abby Martin is an American journalist, TV presenter and activist who continues her work opposing imperialism and promoting peace, as an independent filmmaker and journalist.