Thursday, April 18, 2024

Tag: climate crisis

Biden administration’s EV policy shift: A step back for climate action

This potential policy shift, seen as a nod to automakers and labor unions, is stirring controversy amid the escalating climate crisis, marked by last year's record-breaking global temperatures.

Controversial study says 1.5°C warming target already breached, ‘underscores urgent need’...

They concluded that global heating had actually increased by 0.5 degrees Celsius more than earlier estimates.

Rising tides, sinking hopes: Climate crisis wreaks havoc on U.S. northeast...

From historical landmarks to modern infrastructure: The devastating impact of record-breaking high tides in the U.S. northeast, fueled by climate change.

2023: A year of unprecedented heat, Copernicus Climate Change Service reports

C3S revealed startling global temperature highs, marking a concerning milestone in the ongoing narrative of climate change.

The US Constitution may hold the key to solving the climate...

Drawing from U.S. case law and legislation, an argument for climate action centered on birthright equity is building momentum.

Biden’s climate catastrophe: IRA unleashes fossil fuel frenzy, jeopardizing environmental future

This scenario poses a stark contradiction to the Act's intent of fostering a greener future.

The silencing of dissent: how Big Oil is shielding itself through...

money talks, and it’s drowning out the voice of the people as 60% of U.S. oil and gas operations are now fortified against protests due to an infusion of lobbying dollars.

Any antidote to climate anxiety involves organizing

The climate catastrophe brings new disasters every week and will continue to throughout our lives. But what we do will make a difference in determining how this all plays out.

After ‘mind-blowing’ September, 2023 set to be hottest tear on record:...

The European climate agency said Thursday that last month was the warmest September on record globally and "the most anomalous warm month of any year" in its dataset going back to 1940.

California joins states suing Big Oil for its role in the...

California is also encouraging other states and even other countries to step into the ring alongside it in the effort to hold the fossil fuel industry accountable. 


New report reveals millionaires’ tax rates slashed by half since 1950s, fueling wealth inequality

This stark reduction in tax rates for the wealthiest Americans coincides with an era of escalating income disparity and could be costing the federal government hundreds of billions in lost revenue annually.

Missouri Republican Attorney General Bailey sues Media Matters using consumer law to censor the...

An analysis of Mo. Attorney General Andrew Bailey's bogus allegations against Media Matters.

New study reveals microplastics’ alarming journey from everyday items to human organs

The extensive reach of these particles beyond the gut and into critical body tissues, raises significant concerns particularly for the most vulnerable: Our children.

Democrats challenge Biden administration: Are US weapons used by Israel in accordance with international...

This inquiry, led by Texas Representatives Veronica Escobar and Joaquin Castro, targets the very heart of America's foreign arms policies and its ethical implications.

An urgent plea to leftists in the 6 battleground states likely to decide the...

If we want to remain a country where we still have the ability to agitate for justice and equality, then it’s incumbent on us to vote with that in mind.