Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Tag: Evan Young

The High School Valedictory Address You Weren’t Supposed to Hear

Evan Young, valedictorian of his graduating class this year, was told by his school Principal that he was not allowed to give the valedictorian speech he wrote because it included his admission of being gay. The principal even went so far as to out Evan to his father!


Israeli military accused of massacre in al-Mawasi ‘safe zone,’ killing over 90 Palestinians

UN and international outcry as Israel justifies deadly strike by targeting Hamas.

The truth about immigrants and the economy

We need immigrants to keep our economy — and our country — vibrant and growing.

Similar to Biden, NATO is aged and unfit for leadership 

NATO’s 75th anniversary is an opportune time to take stock of NATO’s outdated world view and violations of international law.

Sanders pushes to block $18 billion arms sale to Israel amid Gaza conflict

As the Biden administration seeks approval for a massive arms sale to Israel, Senator Bernie Sanders leads a campaign to halt weapons transfers amid ongoing violence in Gaza.

Shooting at Trump rally sparks blame game as Progressives condemn GOP accusations against Biden

Political violence at Trump rally ignites accusations and calls for unity.