Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Tag: Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson – The More You Know Him, the Less You...

So, now that you know Johnson better, how can you support him?

Gary Johnson – The More You Know Him, the Less You...

The lack of public interest for real democracy showed that Johnson cannot be trusted as a leader.

American Power at the Crossroads

Earth is no longer the property of the globe’s “sole superpower.”


The Unseen Cost of Cigarette Pollution: Billions in Environmental Damage

The yearly economic cost of cigarette plastic waste amounts to approximately $26 billion.

Billionaire Heirs: The accelerating $5.2 trillion wealth transfer

Without robust wealth and inheritance taxes the children and grandchildren of today's billionaires will dominate our future politics, economy, culture, and philanthropy."

Make America fascist again (MAFA!)

Is this the future If Donald Trump returns to the Oval Office?

COP28 president challenges science: Claims ‘no science’ behind fossil fuel phase-out

At the heart of the climate debate, COP28 President Sultan Al Jaber's controversial stance on fossil fuels sparks a global outcry, challenging the core objectives of the climate summit.

“The madness of militarism,” the 2023 Ellsberg lecture by Norman Solomon

Norman Solomon reflects on 'the madness of militarism' in the Ellsberg Lecture