Thursday, May 23, 2024

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Global rights groups support ICC warrants for Israeli and Hamas leaders...

Amnesty International hailed this move as “a crucial step toward justice.”

‘A watershed event’: ICC charges against Netanyahu first time court has...

The warrants for Israel’s top leaders, which must still be approved by a panel of ICC judges, are “a watershed event in the history of international justice,” says war crimes prosecutor Reed Brody.

ICC prosecutor seeks arrest warrants for Netanyahu and Hamas leaders for...

The International Criminal Court’s chief prosecutor applies for arrest warrants against Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, Defense Minister Gallant, and top Hamas leaders, charging them with war crimes and crimes against humanity from the October 7 attacks and ensuing Gaza conflict.

IDF issues evacuation order to 100,000 in Rafah as looming assault...

Israel Defense Forces order more than 100,000 Palestinians to evacuate Rafah ahead of an impending military offensive, despite warnings of humanitarian catastrophe.

Nations halt UNRWA funds amid shocking staff misconduct claims: Gaza’s lifeline...

The international community remains divided on the issue, with some nations like Norway and Ireland pledging to continue their support for UNRWA.

Surge in anti-Muslim and anti-Palestinian bias: A reflection of the Israel-Hamas...

The political and social landscape in the United States has been significantly influenced by the Israel-Hamas conflict, with the surge in bias incidents reflecting deeper divisions.

Report reveals: CNN’s Gaza coverage filtered by IDF-monitored Jerusalem bureau

It reveals that CNN's coverage, especially concerning the recent Gaza conflict, is routed through its Jerusalem bureau, operating under Israeli military censorship

Protests surge globally as Gaza death toll rises to unprecedented levels

Massive protests sweep the nation as global outrage over Gaza crisis reaches fever pitch.


Smotrich proposes financial sanctions and settlement expansion in response to Palestinian state recognition

The far-right minister outlined six immediate steps to target the Palestinian Authority (PA) following the recognition by Spain, Norway, and Ireland.

House Democrats demand Justice Alito’s recusal from Trump cases over ‘ethical nightmare’

The Court’s ethical guidelines emphasize the importance of impartiality and the need for justices to avoid any appearance of political bias.

Trump backtracks on birth control stance amid growing reproductive rights battle

His comments suggested a possible shift towards state-level decision-making on birth control policies.

Activists arrested in Capitol Hill protest urging Biden to cancel student debt and divest...

The Debt Collective’s protest underscores the urgent need for student debt relief and a reevaluation of U.S. military spending.

Toxic gaslighting: How 3M executives convinced a scientist the forever chemicals she found in...

As the EPA now forces the removal of the chemicals from drinking water, Kris Hansen wrestles with the secrets that 3M kept from her and the world.