Friday, March 1, 2024

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Florida defies CDC in measles outbreak, telling parents it’s fine to...

The CDC reported that childhood immunization rates hit a 10-year low.

Medicare on the brink: The shocking plot to privatize America’s lifeline...

The Project 2025 document, spearheaded by the Heritage Foundation, reflects a unified conservative strategy to reshape government policies, including Medicare.

Jury hands down $2.25 billion verdict to Bayer in Roundup weed...

John McKivison sued Bayer because he believes he developed cancer after using Roundup on his property for two decades,

Looming crisis: Millions at risk as WIC funding hangs in balance

With a crucial funding deadline looming, the fate of the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) hangs in the balance, threatening vital aid for millions.

100+ days into Israel’s war on Gaza, doctors demand ceasefire to...

United Nations humanitarian leaders issued a joint demand Monday for dramatically increasing the flow of aid into Gaza.

New study finds detectable plastic fragments in bottled water that invade...

A new study explored the world of nanoplastics and their presence in bottled drinking water.

Global shift to plant-based diets could prevent 236,000 deaths annually, study...

A recent international study underscores the profound impact of dietary choices on public health and environmental sustainability, projecting significant reductions in premature deaths and boosts in global GDP.

Iowa declines federal summer food aid, sparking backlash

Critics argue that the state's stance implies mistrust in low-income families' ability to make healthy food choices for their children, which they consider demeaning and counterproductive.

‘Narratives of delay’: How the animal pharma industry resists moves to...

A DeSmog review of hundreds of documents identifies eight arguments fielded by the industrial farming lobby to allay concerns over livestock drugs.

$6 billion in PhRMA Network grants flood the non-profit world, muddying...

An analysis of the $6 billion in grants distributed by PhRMA and its member companies.



My ultimate history crash course

To understand the present, study the past. 

McConnell bows out: A legacy of controversy and strategic mastery

McConnell leaves behind a complex legacy shaped by his unwavering commitment to conservative judicial appointments and his adept maneuvering within the corridors of power.

The life & death of Aaron Bushnell: US airman self-immolates protesting US support for...

“It was an act of courage, an act of bravery, to call attention to U.S. policies.”

How workers are defying Republican officials in the South

More and more workers across the South seek the same path forward that union membership provides.

Reviving oversight: Sanders targets war profiteers draining US coffers

This bipartisan congressional panel, formed during World War II, was instrumental in overseeing military contracts and reining in defense contractors who profited at the expense of American taxpayers.