Sunday, April 21, 2024

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Immigrants held in private northwest detention center report death, suicide attempts...

This all comes as a federal judge blocked Washington state from fully enforcing a law intended to increase oversight at the for-profit immigrant jail, run by GEO Group.

Exposed: Journalist unravels Senator Britt’s shocking deception in SOTU response

Journalist Jonathan M. Katz's TikTok takedown exposes Senator Katie Britt's alarming distortion of a harrowing story in her GOP response to the SOTU

Trump’s pledge for unprecedented power to Christian nationalists and promises of...

These declarations, made in the run-up to crucial primaries and the CPAC convention, offer a glimpse into Trump's potential second-term agenda.

House of Representatives impeach Homeland Security secretary

This was the GOP's second attempt to impeach Secretary Alejandro N. Mayorkas.

Five biggest border lies debunked

Republicans are lying about immigrants and the border.

‘Under attack’: TX law targets immigrants as Trump cites Hitler, GOP...

This comes as Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a major Trump supporter, approved a sweeping new law that allows police to arrest anyone they suspect to have entered into the United States without authorization.

Texas Governor Abbott’s anti-migrant bills spark legal and ethical storm

Legal experts and rights groups have voiced concerns, deeming the legislation both dangerous and unconstitutional.

Unprecedented border plan: Trump’s proposal for troop surge sparks debate

Trump's re-election bid casts a shadow of unprecedented military deployment at the U.S.-Mexico border, sparking legal, ethical, and political debates.

Biden’s border

Record contracts for private industry on the world’s deadliest land border.

Biden administration grants Temporary Protected Status to Venezuelan migrants

More than 400,000 Venezuelan migrants already in the United States.will be eligible for the protected status and also eligible to work.


The Fourth Amendment is Not for Sale Act and the battle against government spying

The FANFSA, passed with a 219-199 vote, garnered support from both sides of the aisle, with 96 Democrats and 123 Republicans backing the bill.

20 percent of common produce carry unhealthy levels of pesticides new report says

Of the 59 common produce items evaluated, popular produce like strawberries, green beans and potatoes posed the highest risks.

Progressive International unveils database exposing global right-wing network threatening democracies

This database, which results from a year of meticulous research, exposes the mechanisms through which these forces erode democratic norms and foster geopolitical instability.

US diplomacy thwarts Palestinian UN membership amid claims of supporting statehood leaked cable shows

This diplomatic maneuvering seeks to avoid a U.S. veto, which would publicly align the country against Palestinian self-determination.

GOP attorneys general petition against EPA’s use of civil rights law for environmental justice

The petition, if successful, could have dire consequences for communities living near industrial sites.