Monday, May 20, 2024

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US aid to Israel faces scrutiny amid Gaza humanitarian crisis: Sanders...

Amidst a deepening humanitarian crisis in Gaza, U.S. lawmakers challenge continued military aid to Israel, sparking a heated debate over ethical foreign policy.

Israel deploys forces to West Bank as Gaza conflict continues into...

As Ramadan commences amidst the ongoing Gaza conflict, Israel's significant military buildup in the West Bank raises concerns of heightened tensions.

Trump’s stance on Gaza conflict: calls for Israel to ‘finish the...

Former President Trump's call for Israel to 'finish the problem' in Gaza during a Fox News interview ignites global debate amid a worsening humanitarian crisis.

Isra University’s destruction and IDF casualties: New tensions in Gaza conflict

Mitchell Plitnick, president of Rethinking Foreign Policy said of the bombing of Isra University "by definition... it was not a legitimate military target."

Ilhan Omar and global leaders unite for Gaza Ceasefire: A movement...

An international movement: How 384 global leaders, including Ilhan Omar, are championing for a Gaza ceasefire amidst rising human rights concerns.

The killing of Gaza’s environment

Or how to create an unlivable hellscape on one strip of land.

‘Huge miscalculation’: Biden’s refusal to push for Gaza ceasefire could drag...

The longer Israel’s war on Gaza continues with full U.S. support, the less likely regional actors are to continue showing restraint.

The profiteers of war: Companies fueling the Israeli assault on Gaza

Unveiling the corporate gears of war: A comprehensive look at the companies behind Israel's devastating military campaign in Gaza.

Gaza’s tragic toll: Over 20,000 dead amidst starvation and war

In the shadow of conflict: exploring the dire human cost of war in Gaza.

Sanders votes no on Israel aid: advocating for conditional assistance amid...

Senator Bernie Sanders casts a solitary vote against a major foreign aid bill, challenging military support for Israel's government and highlighting the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.


16 Democrats join GOP to pass controversial Israel Security Assistance Support Act

In a surprising bipartisan move, 16 Democrats break ranks to support a GOP-led bill compelling U.S. military aid to Israel, despite President Biden’s veto threat and significant human rights concerns.

Trump’s alleged $1 billion campaign deal with Big Oil: $110 billion windfall revealed

An investigation into Donald Trump’s alleged quid pro quo offer to oil executives uncovers potential tax savings of $110 billion, raising serious ethical, legal, and environmental concerns.

Trump’s alleged $1 billion oil deal exposed: Media blackout raises alarms

A stunning quid pro quo promise to Big Oil executives by former President Donald Trump receives scant coverage, raising questions about media integrity and democratic accountability.

Florida bans sale and distribution of lab-grown meat throughout state

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis passed a ban on lab-grown meat with similar initiatives being considered in Arizona, Alabama and Tennessee.

Biden administration moves to reclassify marijuana: A major shift in US drug policy

President Biden’s Department of Justice takes historic steps to reclassify marijuana, aiming to end a ‘failed approach’ and recognize its medical benefits, sparking mixed reactions from lawmakers and advocates.