Monday, May 20, 2024

Tag: labor rights

Republicans have plans for working people

But will you like them?

Record-breaking 459,000 workers strike in 2023: US labor movement hits 23-year...

the nation saw 33 major work stoppages initiated last year, the highest count since the year 2000, which recorded 39 stoppages.

Starbucks faces NLRB action over union-linked store closures

Making workers whole for work missed," NLRB demands Starbucks reopen closed stores.

Amazon’s Black Friday fiasco: over 1000 workers rebel in historic pay...

As Black Friday sales surged, Amazon faced an unprecedented labor revolt. Over a thousand workers across the globe downed tools in a landmark strike, challenging the retail giant on wages and working conditions in a historic show of worker solidarity.

United Nations expert castigates Amazon, Walmart, DoorDash over ‘disgraceful’ labor practices

UN rapporteur challenges corporate giants on poverty wages and labor violations.

Toyota ignites wage hike wave in wake of UAW’s labor deal...

In a strategic move mirroring the UAW's historic victories, Toyota embraces a wage hike for its U.S. workforce, spotlighting the broader impact of union momentum in the auto industry.

Labor education starts in school

Giving K-12 students the language, information, and tools they need to protect themselves from workplace exploitation is a critical tool to reversing the nation’s capitalism-fueled inequality.

Why do we have weekends?

While many workers now enjoy weekends won by organized labor, the fight continues for those who don’t. 

Caution: Children at work

Is the Return of child labor the latest sign of American decline?

How the labor movement is showing up for LGBTQ+ rights

The hope is that more labor activists will understand how common queer workers are and see how supporting them actually strengthens the labor movement.


ICC prosecutor seeks arrest warrants for Netanyahu and Hamas leaders for war crimes and...

The International Criminal Court’s chief prosecutor applies for arrest warrants against Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, Defense Minister Gallant, and top Hamas leaders, charging them with war crimes and crimes against humanity from the October 7 attacks and ensuing Gaza conflict.

Trump’s brash profligacy panders to MAGA fantasies of sex, money, crime, and evasion

Lying, predation and mob loyalty are in – join the cult con, grab “whatever you deserve.”

Samuel Alito flew upside-down flag, symbol of Trump support, days after Jan. 6

“Supreme Court justices should be held to the highest ethical standards, not the lowest.”

Global solidarity marches held to demand cease-fire in Gaza

“We would need to invent brand new words to adequately describe the situation that Palestinians in Gaza find themselves in today.

The dead end of liberal American Zionism

“I am now persuaded that Israel is engaged in genocide against Palestinians in Gaza.”