Sunday, July 14, 2024

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When Israel burned refugees alive, establishment media called it a ‘tragic...

As the world watched on social media and responded in outrage, US corporate media, once again, provided cover for the perpetrators of Israel’s genocide.

As peace protests are violently suppressed, CNN paints them as hate...

Some in corporate media very clearly took sides, portraying student protesters as violent, hateful and/or stupid.

MSNBC anchors unite in protest over NBC News’ appointment of Ronna...

In an unprecedented public outcry, MSNBC's leading voices challenge NBC News' decision to bring on Ronna McDaniel, former RNC Chair, sparking a debate on journalistic integrity and the balance between diverse viewpoints and democratic values.

Media malpractice: Blacking out genocide and disenfranchising Palestinian pain

American media’s Israel bias and censoring journalists.

The media is aiding and abetting Donald Trump’s rise just as...

The media has a duty to plainly report the truth to readers and viewers, and not obfuscate, downplay, or over-correct rightward in an effort to appear “balanced.”

How the Gaza war can be big news and invisible at...

The horrors in Gaza are being propelled by the U.S. war machine, but you wouldn’t know it from the standard U.S. media.

Media bias towards Israel in Gaza coverage exposed in new report

The study uncovered a clear imbalance in the portrayal of casualties and narratives.

MSNBC axes Mehdi Hasan’s show amidst his vocal support for Palestinian...

Progressive voices alarmed as MSNBC axes 'The Mehdi Hasan Show' amidst its candid reporting on Middle East conflicts.

Unveiling the thin line: How US media reports impact the ‘war...

For media institutions, the challenge lies in navigating the treacherous waters of state discourse without becoming its unwitting conduit.

Fighting billionaires’ control of the media, individual news vouchers

People who really want to do something to reduce the power of billionaires should get behind it.


FDA bans brominated vegetable oil in food because of concerns about chemical’s health harms

Due to the chemical's health hazards such as harmful effects on the nervous system, the agency said the food additive is no longer safe for food use.

IRS reclaims over $1 billion from wealthy tax evaders in under a year

New IRS funding from the Inflation Reduction Act targets wealthy tax dodgers, reclaiming over $1 billion in unpaid taxes.

Tariffs don’t protect jobs. Don’t be fooled.

When employees have become their own employers, they will make the quantities and qualities of a society’s jobs a key policy objective rather than a side-effect of policies focused elsewhere.

Only a despot-friendly Supreme Court, instead of reigning in WH crimes, opens the gates

The right’s ferocious war on the Constitution has now super-powered the executive, leaving Congress, the judiciary, regulators, and ordinary, law-abiding citizens in the lurch.

Two-thirds of Americans, including majority of Biden supporters, urge President to withdraw from 2024...

New poll reveals widespread belief that Biden should step aside, as Democrats consider alternatives.