Friday, August 19, 2022

Tag: Majid Khan

VIDEO: 'These Are War Crimes:' Shocking Details Emerge of US Resident...

Details of Majid Khan's, the only known legal resident of the U.S. to be held at Guantánamo, torture provides new insight on the abuse by the CIA. The declassified information is both abusive and sick in nature.


Six lessons for America: How endless Trumpist lawbreaking drives his fascist takeover scheme

Trump’s infamy expands quicker than Pinocchio's nose—so much so it’s dawning on even backward Americans that Trump has gone way too far.

How America can lower gas prices like other countries

While you pay through the nose at the gas pump, Big Oil is lining its pockets.

New study reveals children born close to fracking more likely to develop childhood leukemia

Not only are children at a greater risk of developing ALL from toxic air pollution, but the study said that fracking also contaminates drinking water, which causes more exposure to cancer-linked chemicals.

Debunking 4 myths about inflation

Inflation is being driven in large part by record corporate profits.

A military rich in dollars, poor in people

A frayed social safety net and the military.