Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Tag: police corruption

Former LA County sheriff begins prison sentence for corruption

The former sheriff was found guilty of conspiracy to obstruct justice, obstruction of justice, and making a false statement to federal investigators.

Ex-cop indicted for murder after shooting woman through window

On Friday, a Tarrant County grand jury indicted Officer Aaron Dean for the murder of Atatiana Jefferson.

Ex-cop sentenced after lying to FBI about bank robbery

A veteran Pittsburgh police officer who lied to the FBI about a bank robbery committed by his girlfriend’s son has been spared a federal prison sentence.

Former LAPD officer charged with felony theft and fraud

If convicted, Simon could face up to six years and eight months behind bars.

School resource officer fired after arresting two 6-year-olds

A Florida school resource officer was fired Monday after arresting two 6-year-old children without obtaining his supervisor’s approval before arresting them. According to the Orlando Police Department, one child briefly remained in custody before...

Detroit cop indicted for taking $15K in bribes from drug dealer

“Officer Mosley allegedly engaged in conduct that betrayed the oath he took to faithfully serve the people of Detroit.”

Sheriff indicted on 16 charges including theft in office

“Reader just does whatever he wants and no one ever calls him on it... We are scared to death of him... He is unstable and threatens people.”

Floridians are suing a cop fired for planting drugs in their...

Thanks to the diligence of one assistant state attorney, 119 cases were thrown out and the officer is under state investigation.

Police Chief overdosed on drugs taken from department evidence room

The fentanyl and cocaine were reportedly being held as evidence in other cases when Hughes illegally obtained them.

Mexican police officers sentenced to 25 years for murdering journalist

The former mayor and deputy police chief remain in hiding along with many of the other officers suspected of murdering Sánchez.



Bernie Sanders gains support in South Carolina as billionaire Tom Steyer draws votes from...

Billionaire Tom Steyer has poured money into outreach to African-American voters, who make up more than half of South Carolina’s Democratic electorate.

Yale study says Medicare for All would save US $450 billion, prevent nearly 70,000...

The study in The Lancet found that Medicare for All, supported by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, will save money and is more cost-effective than “Medicare for All Who Want It."

Bernie Sanders plunges to first place

So while there’s still some coverage that might be said to be stuck in the denial stage about Sanders for the most part corporate media have moved on to the next stage of grieving, which is anger.

Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere hit highest level in 3 million years

"The rate of rise in the last decade has been faster than previous decades."