Wednesday, May 22, 2024

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A second Trump presidency: A blueprint for unprecedented executive power

Trump articulates a blueprint for an administration that could profoundly reshape the governance and global stance of the United States.

Arizona grand jury charges Trump aides and state Republicans in attempt...

High-profile indictments spotlight a significant legal crackdown on the orchestrated attempt to overturn President Joe Biden's 2020 election victory in Arizona.

Are presidents above the law?

Voters are entitled to know before casting their ballots whether they are choosing a felon for president.

Re-electing a brutal outlaw-in-chief makes America a rogue outlaw nation

Heinous outcomes are inevitable if Trump is able to get away with relentlessly targeting law and order as his prime opponent.

The vexing Biden-Trump rematch could purge an era of broken, bipartisan...

That a shameless, dimwit outlaw like Trump can humiliate both state and federal justice confirms its own devastating “conviction" as failed legal systems.

Trump’s ‘bloodbath’ rhetoric sparks fears of violence and political unrest

The Trump campaign's attempt to contextualize the "bloodbath" comment as an economic warning rather than a call to violence is exemplified in their communications.

Trump’s vows to pardon Jan. 6 insurrectionists if elected

Trump's pronouncement positions this act of clemency at the forefront of his day-one agenda, alongside promises to intensify oil drilling and reinforce the U.S.-Mexico border.

Project 2025: A blueprint to end democracy, multiculturalism, and even recreational...

The only thing possibly more frightening than the details of Heritage’s Project 2025 presidential transition plan is that its monstrous proposals are not being plotted in secretive closed-door meetings.

US Supreme Court reverses Colorado Supreme Court’s decision to ban Trump...

The 13-page opinion reversed Colorado's Supreme Court ruling that Trump was ineligible to appear on the ballot under Section 3.

The media is aiding and abetting Donald Trump’s rise just as...

The media has a duty to plainly report the truth to readers and viewers, and not obfuscate, downplay, or over-correct rightward in an effort to appear “balanced.”


Biden condemns ICC bid to arrest Israeli leaders, sparking global outcry

A panel of ICC judges will determine whether to issue arrest warrants for any of the suspects. President Biden criticized the ICC’s actions as “outrageous.”

1,3-dichloropropene: The dangerous, sweet-smelling pesticide you’ve never heard of

Regulatory loopholes allow more than 30 million pounds of a cancer-causing pesticide to be sprayed on U.S. crops.

Reintroduction of 170 European bison could help remove CO2 equivalent of 43,000 cars, study...

A new study by researchers from Yale University and Memorial University of Newfoundland has found that a herd of 170 bison being reintroduced to the Țarcu mountains of Romania could help sequester carbon dioxide emissions.

Nevada pushes for abortion rights as coalition submits over 200,000 signatures for ballot measure

This effort, spearheaded by Nevadans for Reproductive Freedom, underscores a critical moment in the ongoing national debate over abortion.

Toxic gaslighting: How 3M executives convinced a scientist the forever chemicals she found in...

As the EPA now forces the removal of the chemicals from drinking water, Kris Hansen wrestles with the secrets that 3M kept from her and the world.