Monday, July 4, 2022

Tag: tax returns

Trump breaks world records for longest tax audit, if not presidential...

Why doesn’t every pundit and every journalist keep repeating: “Deliver the returns. Cut the audit BS. End the legal smoke and mirrors.”

The secret saga of Trump’s tax cuts

Flip-flops, falsehoods, fantasies – and a 10-minute meeting that locked in trillions of debt.

Thousands march to demand Trump release his tax returns

“It’s fundamental that politicians share their tax returns period. We deserve to know who he owes and what he owns.”

Clinton and Kaine Release Tax Returns As Trump Remains Silent

Many questions have arisen from the release of Clinton's tax returns: such as the family's charitable contributions to the Clinton Family Foundations and whether or not Donald Trump will release his own tax returns.

Bernie Sanders Releases His ‘Boring’ 2014 Tax Return

Bernie Sanders earns less in one year than Hillary Clinton earns from one Wall Street speech.


Naomi Klein: The US is in the midst of a ‘shock-and-awe judicial coup’

"The rolling judicial coup coming from this court is by no means over," warned the author of "The Shock Doctrine."

Divided we fail: A way forward for a divided progressive left?

Those that attempt to divide the progressive left into opposing camps at war with each other are almost as big a threat to the movement as the far right.

‘Impeach Justice Clarence Thomas’ petition nears 1 million signatures

"He has shown he cannot be an impartial justice and is more concerned with covering up his wife's coup attempts than the health of the Supreme Court," reads the petition.

56% of Muslim Americans support women’s right to choose, and more Muslim-majority nations offer...

The American conviction that all Muslims are fundamentalists has led to a misunderstanding of Muslim societies.

4 myths about raising the minimum wage

We’re the richest country in the world, home to the richest people on the planet. We can, and we must, treat our workers with the dignity and respect they deserve.