Monday, December 6, 2021

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Sorry, Donald. Taxes in the United States are actually very low.

Only Korea, Chile, and Mexico pay less.

Why liberal states won America’s tax experiment

Economic success depends on tax revenues that go into public investments, and regulations that protect the environment and public health.

A new take on unrigging our taxes

Our super rich have their own personal trainers, chefs, and pilots. Maybe we should give them their own personal tax collectors.

How to pay taxes (NOT!) like Donald Trump

Some tips for Americans who would like to follow the president-elect’s example.

In California, a tax-the-rich triumph

Could the resounding Election Day victory of a state tax initiative signal an impending surge for a new national egalitarian politics?

The Best and Worst Presidents on Taxes

From Reagan to Roosevelt, tax fairness continues to fluctuate along with our elected leaders.

This Interactive Calculator Shows How Much Tax Havens Are Costing America

The amounts of money held offshore by Fortune 500 companies has doubled between 2008 and 2014.

Sanders’ Bill to Close Trump Tax Loopholes

“It's time to create a tax system which is fair and which asks the wealthy and powerful to start paying their fair share of taxes.”

The Real Scandal of Trump Paying No Taxes

Trump isn’t and was never a smart businessman. He was and is smart at gaming the system. There’s a difference.

Trump May Not Have Paid Taxes for Two Decades

According to leaked documents that show one year of his tax returns, Trump could have made over $50 million a year for nearly two decades and paid nothing in federal taxes.


The Donald also rises?

For all practical purposes, right-wing populists will have taken over the world.

As executives hike prices, US corporations rake in biggest profits since 1950

"Corporations can get away with it because they have too much power in the economy."

Former Ohio deputy charged with murder after shooting man in back

Initially on administrative leave from the sheriff’s office since the shooting, Jason Meade retired in July 2021.

“Only the people can save the people!” Xiomora Castro’s presidential win in Honduras

“I believe firmly that the democratic socialism I propose is the solution to pull Honduras out of the abyss we have been buried in by neo-liberalism, a narco-dictator and corruption.”

The coronavirus is a wake-up call for climate change

Perhaps the COVID-19 outbreak is the wake-up call the world needs to get people accustomed to the fact that because of climate change, we all now need to change our lifestyles to protect our lives.