Saturday, February 24, 2024

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Breaking the chain: Tlaib’s crusade against congressional war profiteering

This move comes amidst escalating scrutiny over the potential conflicts of interest posed by lawmakers' investments in companies that profit from military engagements.

The last superpower?

Honestly, tell me that you even believe this world we’re supposedly living in exists!

Senators vote to table Sanders’ resolution on Israel and Gaza

While the issue continues to split Democrats, almost all Republicans voted against it and 17 senators missed the vote.

Right-wing extremism and the Cold War go hand-in-hand

U.S. “ironclad” support for militarism undercuts attempts to curb right-wing terrorism. From white supremacist violence in the West Bank to gendered violence in Olongapo, we can’t defeat at home what we export abroad.

Unprecedented border plan: Trump’s proposal for troop surge sparks debate

Trump's re-election bid casts a shadow of unprecedented military deployment at the U.S.-Mexico border, sparking legal, ethical, and political debates.

Can US threats prevent a wider war in the Middle East?

The priority of U.S. officials must be to stop Israel’s massacre, avoid a regional war, and get out of the way so that other nations can help negotiate a real solution to the occupation of Palestine.

Biden’s proposal to lift limits on Israel’s US weapons access sparks...

U.S.-Israel arms policy in flux: Biden's bold proposal to lift restrictions on weapon access.

US military says national security depends on ‘forever chemicals’

As regulators propose restrictions on their use or manufacturing, Pentagon officials have told Congress that eliminating the chemicals would undermine military readiness.

Israel’s military is part of the US war machine

As the carnage in Gaza continues, Washington is rushing to provide extra military assistance worth $14 billion.

The enduring limits of American power

The decline of U.S. power isn’t a problem; it is a call to global action.


Chaco Canyon’s future: a pledge for environmental justice and tribal rights

Amid environmental concerns and cultural significance, the Honoring Chaco Initiative aims to transform the Greater Chaco Landscape, but real progress remains in limbo.

Diet’s hidden dangers: Unveiling PFAS in everyday foods

A groundbreaking study reveals how processed meats, teas, and restaurant meals could be stealthily elevating PFAS levels in our bodies, shedding light on the unseen chemical consequences of our dietary choices.

Biden administration’s strict anti-migrant policies spark outcry

"Within a badly broken immigration system, the humanitarian assistance provided by Annunciation House is one of the few things that works well. We in El Paso stand with the faith leaders and volunteers who lead this work and make us proud to call this border community our home."

Capital One announces plan to buy Discover

Capital One announced a definitive agreement under which the company will acquire Discover in an all-stock transaction valued at $35.3 billion.

Supreme Court weighs EPA’s smog plan in historic environmental case

In a pivotal hearing, the Supreme Court deliberates on the EPA's cross-state smog control strategy, with far-reaching implications for public health and air quality nationwide."