Friday, December 8, 2023

Tag: violence in Ethiopia

Ethiopia: Violence instability and the need for law and order

Throughout Ethiopia, there is a powerful movement towards justice and freedom, a movement that despite the best efforts of the men of hate and violence must prevail.


Sanders votes no on Israel aid: advocating for conditional assistance amid Gaza conflict

Senator Bernie Sanders casts a solitary vote against a major foreign aid bill, challenging military support for Israel's government and highlighting the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Historic ruling in Wisconsin: a beacon of hope for abortion rights advocates

Wisconsin judge's ruling against 1849 anti-abortion statute marks a pivotal moment in state's reproductive rights debate.

Lawsuit challenges Trump’s eligibility for Oregon ballot citing 14th Amendment insurrection clause

Non-profit Free Speech for People files legal challenge, arguing Trump violated the 14th amendment and should be barred from the Oregon ballot

EPA announces Lead and Copper Rule Improvements proposal to remove lead pipes from water...

The proposal requires states, water utilities, and communities to locate lead water service lines, then utility companies are tasked with replacing a minimum of 10 percent of the lead water pipes every year to reach completion within the 10-year time frame.

Nuclear power pushing at the UN’s COP28 Climate Change Conference

In the way of a vested interest, nuclear interests, corporate and governmental, moved in on COP28.