Tuesday, February 27, 2024

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Mexico is suing US gun-makers for arming its gangs—and a US...

Mexico’s lawsuit holds out the prospect that the gun industry could be next.

Senate passes $10 billion in Israeli military aid with only 3...

The decision was part of a broader legislative package that also includes military support for Ukraine and Taiwan, with the bill passing by a substantial bipartisan majority of 70-29 votes.

Rising democratic dissent as Biden sidesteps Congress for another Israeli arms...

This decision marks the second instance within a short span where the administration has circumvented legislative scrutiny in arms transactions.

Biden’s proposal to lift limits on Israel’s US weapons access sparks...

U.S.-Israel arms policy in flux: Biden's bold proposal to lift restrictions on weapon access.

Arsenal of autocracy?

The major weapons makers cash in worldwide—not just in Ukraine.

What a waste!

It can’t be emphasized enough just how many taxpayer dollars are now being showered on the Pentagon.

America dominant again (in arms sales)

Will Biden continue to promote this country as the world’s top arms exporter of all time?

Why so many nuclear-capable hypersonic missiles?

Apocalypse will be highly likely. Artificial intelligence is not going to save us. These weapons need to be outlawed, not produced and purchased en masse.

US has supplied UAE $27B in arms despite nation’s links to...

We look at how U.S. weapons are supporting the ongoing devastation in Yemen with William Hartung, director of the Arms and Security Project at the Center for International Policy.


Does America have the balls – or means – to buy out malignant swamp...

On John Oliver’s satiric bribe* to the Supreme Court’s king of corruption.

UNRWA faces collapse: Israeli actions and funding cuts threaten agency’s future

Facing unprecedented challenges, UNRWA pleads for international support as Israel's relentless attacks and defunding threats push the agency to the brink.

NRA and Wayne LaPierre found guilty in corruption case: A blow to gun rights...

A Manhattan jury delivers a seismic verdict, finding Wayne LaPierre and the NRA guilty of corruption, shaking the foundations of America's gun rights stronghold.

Whales and dolphins bear the brunt as seas turn toxic

Marine sentinel alert: new study exposes alarming toxic heavy metal levels in stranded whales and dolphins, highlighting a hidden threat to marine life and human health.

Biden administration’s strict anti-migrant policies spark outcry

"Within a badly broken immigration system, the humanitarian assistance provided by Annunciation House is one of the few things that works well. We in El Paso stand with the faith leaders and volunteers who lead this work and make us proud to call this border community our home."