Lessons Not Learned in Boston Bombing
Froma Harrop

Airport gift shops throughout New England are piling "Boston Strong" T-shirts in vivid colors. "Boston Strong" became a rallying cry of solidarity after the terrorist bombing last year at the Boston Marathon.


The Myth of Human Progress and the Collapse of Complex Societies
Chris Hedges

The most prescient portrait of the American character and our ultimate fate as a species is found in Herman Melville’s “Moby Dick.” Melville makes our murderous obsessions, our hubris, violent impulses, moral weakness and inevitable self-destruction visible in his chronicle of a whaling voyage. He is our foremost oracle. He is to us what William Shakespeare was to Elizabethan England or Fyodor Dostoyevsky to czarist Russia.

Our country is ...

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If Jesus had a Wife, Would it Change the GOP War on Women?
Juan Cole

This post originally ran on Juan Cole’s Web page.

A Coptic fragmentary manuscript page that dates back to a few hundred years after Jesus’ death (and the text of which may go back to the second century) has been found by ...

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The Chicago Way
David Sirota

In America, there is regular ol' corruption, and then there is Chicago Corruption, with a capital "C." America's third largest city is so notoriously corrupt, all you have to do is say "Chicago politics" and many people instantly start making jokes about payoffs and reciting lines from "The Untouchables."

Yet, while the Windy City's brand of corruption is extreme, it is also emblematic, as a recent spate of revelations ...

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From Kabul to Cairo, the Killing and Jailing of Journalists Continues
Amy Goodman

Journalism is not a crime. This is the rallying cry in demanding the release of four Al-Jazeera journalists imprisoned in Egypt. Three of them - Peter Greste, Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed - have just passed their hundredth day of incarceration. The fourth, Abdullah al-Shami, has been in jail for more than six months. They have been charged with “spreading lies harmful to state security and joining a terrorist organization.” Of course, the only thing they were ...

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All Sheldon Adelson Wants
Froma Harrop

There is something truly spectacular about Sheldon Adelson. Witness the parade of Republican supplicants paying tribute in his Las Vegas lair. They would include Ohio Gov. John Kasich, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

What's remarkable is not the aesthetics of possible presidential nominees beseeching a casino oligarch in return for campaign cash. Wannabes from the other party also engage in such activities — ...

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I Think They Can
Jim Hightower

Like that little choo-choo in the classic children’s book “The Little Engine that Could,” Moral Monday is the little movement that says, “I think I can” and keeps chugging up the hill.

This new progressive coalition became a full-throttle citizen uprising in North Carolina  early last year.

Led by Rev. William Barber, head of the North Carolina NAACP, they ...

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Climate Science’s Dire Warning: Humans are Baking the Planet
Amy Goodman

The majority of the world is convinced that humans are changing the climate, for the worse. Now, evidence is mounting that paints just how grim a future we are making for ourselves and the planet. We will experience more extreme weather events, including hurricanes and droughts, mass extinctions and severe food shortages globally. The world’s leading group of climate-change experts, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, has issued its most recent report after a ...

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McCutcheon and the Vicious Cycle of Concentrated Wealth and Political Power
Robert Reich

If wealth and income weren’t already so concentrated in the hands of a few, the shameful “McCutcheon” decision by the five Republican appointees to the Supreme Court wouldn’t be as dangerous. But by taking “Citizen’s United” one step further and effectively eviscerating campaign finance laws, the Court has issued an invitation to oligarchy.

Almost limitless political donations coupled with America’s ...

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Hijacking the American Plane of State
Tom Engelhardt

Isn’t there something strangely reassuring when your eyeballs are gripped by a “mystery” on the news that has no greater meaning and yet sweeps all else away?  This, of course, is the essence of the ongoing tale of the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.  Except to the relatives of those on board, it never really mattered what happened in the cockpit that day.  To the extent that the plane’s disappearance was solvable, the ...

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The Prospects for Survival
Noam Chomsky

(This is Part II of an article adapted from a lecture by Noam Chomsky on Feb. 28, sponsored by the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation in Santa Barbara, Calif.)

The previous article explored how security is a high priority for government planners: security, that is, for state power and its primary constituency, concentrated private power - all of which entails that official policy must be protected from public scrutiny.

In these terms, government actions fall in place as quite ...

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Let’s Re-fund America
Jim Hightower

The powerhouses of Wall Street have tunneled directly into the cloistered backrooms of Washington deal making, extracting trillions of dollars worth of government bailouts, special tax breaks and regulatory favors every year. Yet, in a stupefying act of hypocrisy, they have also been the major force pushing policymakers to embrace extreme laissez-faire bunkum and to inflict the most austere budgetary minginess on the American people.

Through their lobbyists, front groups, ...

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Fighting the Militarized State
Chris Hedges

The Barack Obama administration, determined to thwart the attempt by other plaintiffs and myself to have the courts void a law that permits the military to arrest U.S. citizens, strip them of due process and indefinitely detain them, has filed a detailed brief with the Supreme Court asking the justices to refuse to accept our petition to hear our appeal. We ...

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Obamacare Secret: If You Quit Your Job, You Have a Plan and Keep Wages Up
Dean Baker

Today is the last day for open enrollment at HealthCare.gov, and it looks like the administration will end up close to their initial target of signing up 7 million people, despite the difficulties with the website. This is good news: millions of Americans are getting coverage through the exchanges; millions more are getting insurance through the expansion of ...

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The Widening Lens
Tom Engelhardt

“Up to a few months ago, Ben Suc was a prosperous village of some thirty-five hundred people.”  That is the initial line of The Village of Ben Suc, his first book, a copy of which I recently reread on a plane trip, knowing that he was soon to die. That book, that specific copy, had a history of its own.  It was a Knopf first edition, published in 1967 in the midst of the Vietnam War, after the then-shocking text had appeared in the New ...

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Let Them Eat NCAA Brackets
David Sirota

In historians' quest to find the perfect anecdote to summarize this era of unprecedented economic inequality, they confront an embarrassment of riches (pun intended).

There are the ...

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The New Billionaire Political Bosses
Robert Reich

Charles and David Koch should not be blamed for having more wealth than the bottom 40 percent of Americans put together. Nor should they be condemned for their petrochemical empire. As far as I know, they’ve played by the rules and obeyed the laws.

They’re also entitled to their own right-wing political views. It’s a free country.  

But in using their vast wealth to change those rules and laws in order to fit their ...

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Turning Professors into Martyrs
Jim Hightower

Margaret Mary Vojtko died last summer at age 83. Her death has turned her name into an emotional rallying cry for adjunct college teachers who are seeking justice from their schools.

You see, Vojtko taught French classes for 25 years at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, earning high marks from her students. Their praise helped make up for Duquesne’s poor pay.

As with other adjuncts, Professor Vojtko was unsalaried and paid a low ...

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The Impossible Case of Sandoval-Perez
Froma Harrop

The story of Josue Noe Sandoval-Perez, an illegal immigrant recently deported back to his native Mexico, perfectly captures the chaos of our broken immigration system — and for all sides of the debate. Settled in this country for 16 years, Sandoval-Perez appears to have been the good father and hard worker his champions portray. But ...

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Recalled to Life
Chris Hedges

I am sitting in the Red Oak Diner outside Princeton, N.J., with Christine Pagano and her friend Jeannette. They have just finished attending an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in a small room in a strip mall behind us. Many who were at the meeting struggle to make rent or car payments. Those with jobs worry about being laid off. Some live in terror that creditors, or the state, will electronically empty their meager bank accounts for debts they owe. Some fear outstanding warrants ...

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Let Them Eat Rice
Jill Richardson
Filthy Mayhem in India
Graham Peebles
Video: Can We Create Living-Wage Jobs for Everyone?
Laura Flanders
Video Interview


Banking Policy

“We Are in Great Danger”: Ex-Banker Details How Mega-Banks Destroyed America

“The power has only been more consolidated,” warns Goldman Sachs veteran Nomi Prins in an interview with Salon


Indian Transgenders Granted Legal Status

Top court recognises existence of third gender that is neither male nor female, months after criminalising gay sex.

Nigerian Bombing

Bus Bombing in Nigeria Leaves Many Dead

In what is being considered the deadliest attack in Nigeria’s capital in two years, the bomb went off during rush hour killing 71 people at a bus station outside Abuja.

Cell Phones

The Dangers of Your Cellphone

The industry doesn’t want to admit it, but the science is becoming clearer: Sustained EMF exposure is dangerous.

Minimum Wage

Minnesota Lawmakers Approve Raising Minimum Wage

The Democrat-run Senate approved the measure on Wednesday, which raises the state’s minimum wage to $9.50.

Internet Hackers

Should You Stay Off of the Internet?

News recently broke out that a safeguard many websites are using to protect sensitive information had a major security flaw for about two years.

2016 Elections

Hillary Clinton ‘Thinking’ About Running in 2016 Presidential Race

Hillary Clinton was asked if she planned on running in the 2016-presidential election and her response was that she was “thinking” about it.

Global Economy

America is Becoming a Second-Rate Nation

The Social Progress Index revealed the success of countries and America is in “warp-speed decline.”

Voting Rights Act

The Supreme Court Gutted the Voting Rights Act. What Happened Next in These 8 States Will Not Shock You.

When his court weakened the civil-rights-era law last year, Chief Justice Roberts wrote that “our country has changed.” We crunched the numbers. He was wrong.

Gay Marriage

Supreme Court Refuses to Intervene in Gay Marriage Case

In a case where a New Mexico photography company refused to photograph the marriage ceremony of a same-sex couple on the grounds of free speech violation, the Supreme Court denied review.

Gun Rights

NRA’s quest to expand gun rights takes it to court

NRA seeks to blunt gun controls across the nation

Workers’ Rights

Wisconsin GOP House Candidate’s Agenda

GOP state Sen. Glenn Grothman believes Republicans have not done enough to slow down the Obama administration’s policy agenda.

Airplane Missing

Underwater Search Begins for Missing Malaysia Airlines’ Plane

With only days left to find the black box, underwater search teams are scouring the sea floor with nearly days left before the battery dies.

Prison Population

“He Had Fresh Head Injuries”: What Ohio Has Been Doing to Mentally Ill Boys

Parents can’t keep children alone in their rooms for hours. But Ohio allegedly does.

Ukraine News

Ukraine detains riot police over ‘murders’

Members of disbanded Berkut unit have been held on suspicion of shooting anti-government protesters in February.

Abortion Issues

“What happened to the Republican Party that I joined?” Meet the lawmaker outraged by his party’s sexism

Oklahoma state Rep. Doug Cox tells Salon why his Republican colleagues’ policies are “discriminatory against women”

Boston Bombing

Boston Marathon bomb response exposed ‘fault lines’ in policing: study

Lessons of the response to the Boston bombing can apply to future security scares.


Obamacare Reaches Target Enrollment

The Affordable Care Act, despite its setbacks, exceeded target program enrollment and reached seven million sign ups.

Disaster Relief

Massive Earthquake Hit Chile

Minister says five people are confirmed dead as 8.2 magnitude quake hit northern Chile.

Airplane Missing

Malaysian Credibility Being Challenged

The Malaysian government announced that technical experts from Malaysia, China and Australia would brief the families.


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