Surprised? Donald Trump’s First Television Ad Focuses on Immigration


In his first television ad Donald Trump sticks to his anti-immigration positions, promising to stop illegal immigration to “make America great again.”

The ad starts with “the politicians can pretend it’s something else” but echoes Trump’s extreme position of calling it “radical Islamic terrorism” and the call for a “temporary ban on Muslims entering the U.S.”

It also promises that Trump will “cut the head off ISIS” and “take their oil.”

The ad utilizes images from the most recent terrorism attack in San Bernardino, as well as footage of what looks like immigrants attempting to run across the U.S.-Mexico border.

The ad will air in Iowa and New Hampshire ahead of the Iowa caucuses next month.

Trump told the Washington Post he he hopes he will convince undecided voters to vote for him by making them believe the United States has become “a dumping ground” for immigrants.

Regardless of backlash against him for his extreme anti-Muslim comments, Trump is sticking to his anti-immigration stance. What’s worse, the recent terrorism attack in San Bernardino has only fueled the fire and brought more undecided voters to his side, as well as inciting violence in his supporters.


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