Bernie Sanders Is More Favorable than Trump but Gets Less than 5% of Media Coverage


In 2015, Donald Trump received 234 minutes of coverage from the mainstream media. That is more than the all of the Democratic candidates received combined.

Yes, Trump is polling with an average unfavorable rating of 57%.

Enter Bernie Sanders. The democratic presidential candidate was given ten minutes of airtime by the mainstream media for all of 2015.

With coverage of the 2016 election totaling 857 minutes through November 30th of 2015, that leaves Donald Trump with 27% of the coverage and Bernie Sanders with a measly 1.2%

Yet Bernie Sanders is clearly the more favorable of the two. Donald Trump is polling at 34% among Republicans, with Sanders polling at 33% among Democrats. Don’t be fooled, though. According to Pew Research Center, there are 9% more Democrats in America than Republicans.

This means that more people support Bernie Sanders. Even if Trump is receiving more airtime, it clearly hasn’t boosted him enough to outpace Sanders. Although Bernie is still lagging behind Hillary, he would clearly win in a presidential race against Trump.

Of course, the mainstream media doesn’t care. As we learned previously, Trump is making phenomenal profits for the mainstream media, which is all they really care about.



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