5 Times the Mainstream Media Dismissed Bernie Sanders (Just in the Last Week)


5 Times the Mainstream Media Dismissed Bernie Sanders

The mainstream media is now resorting to misleading information, attacks, or ignoring Bernie Sanders altogether. After Sanders’ three wins over the week, the mainstream media refused to acknowledge his growing traction. Here are five times in the last week that the mainstream media dismissed Bernie Sanders.

  1. CNNs Homepage After Super Saturday Weekend

This meme analyzing the CNN homepage shows the imbalance in coverage.CNN decided to ignore that Bernie Sanders won the majority of states over the past weekend, instead providing a ramp up for the upcoming debate and Republican candidate coverage.

2. The New York Times completely ignored Democratic Super Saturday weekend and debate

nyt(See the full scan here)

The New York Times followed CNN’s example and basically ignored any Democratic coverage at all, instead covering many of the Republican candidates.

3. Misleading delegate counts

The Associated Press and the Washington Post reported misleading delegate amounts.

The Associated Press reported Clinton’s lead with superdelegates (1,121) in order to show her lead over Sanders (with 479 including superdelegates) more significantly. They did not provide a count of delegates without the superdelegates, which narrows her lead to less than 200 delegates over Sanders, a much less pronounced lead.

MSNBC posted a graphic over the weekend showing Superdelegates, without any explanation of what that means, even though Bernie won three out of the four-weekend races:

A misleading MSNBC graphic which shows Clinton beating out Sanders.

As Tad Devine, not a senior adviser for the Sanders campaign, wrote in a 2008 column:

“If the superdelegates determine the party’s nominee before primary and caucus voters have rendered a clear verdict, Democrats risk losing the trust that we are building with voters today. The perception that the votes of ordinary people don’t count as much as those of the political insiders, who get to pick the nominee in some mythical back room, could hurt our party for decades to come.”

4. Mainstream media calls Sanders comment to Clinton “Sexist”

During the debate on Sunday night in Flint, Michigan, Bernie Sanders stopped Hillary Clinton when she attempted to interrupt him by saying, ”Excuse me, I’m talking.” Instead of the mainstream media reporting on the important coverage on the debate, like the issues that were discussed, they immediately jumped on the comment claiming it was “arguably sexist.”

One media outlet, Correct the Record, even went so far as to say that Bernie Sanders “lost his temper” and was “wagging his finger and repeatedly yelling” during a “cringe worth moment.”

5. Washington Post coverage of Sanders

We think this speaks for itself:




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