Is Something Amazing Afoot? Miracles and the Gradual Emergence of Maitreya


To claim that miracles even exist in our world, dominated as it is by materialism and greed, and to then speak of the imminent coming of The World Teacher, a Christ figure, who will inspire humanity to build a new and peaceful civilization, is to risk being branded a deluded dreamer. So firmly has cynicism and fear gripped humanity, so successful have the narrow conservative forces been in extinguishing any sense of wonder and open-minded enquiry that it is virtually impossible to discuss such fundamental, fascinating matters.

‘Impossible Happenings that Happen’

In Skopje, capital city of Macedonia, there is an 18th century church called St. Dimitrija’s. Its walls are adorned with magnificent fresco paintings that the passage of time had dulled and obscured. Not any more. In April 2012 the icons began shining with colour as if freshly painted. The murals are ‘cleaning themselves’; “it is really a miracle” – Father Dimce Mallinov told Associated Press. “It started Sunday [8th April 2012] in the central part of the iconostasis (a wall of icons and religious paintings), the golden colour is very visible and the phenomenon continues…first a red colour appears which turns golden…You can see the icons clearing up from top to bottom,” said the priest.

At the beginning of this year, January  8th and 13th, people in the American states of Hawaii and New York photographed what they saw to be nothing more than a beautiful sunrise. The photographs, though, document extraordinary images in the sky. Huge golden fiery crosses and enormous ‘angel like’ forms hovering on the horizon. Amy Langley, a former photojournalist, said the angel form “is only in the photo, it looked like a normal giant pink sun [when taking the picture].”

Freak occurrences, tricks of the light, natural processes, or something more magical and awe-inspiring that mean something – signs perhaps.

These extraordinary accounts are just two of the many miraculous happenings which have taken place over the last 40 years or so. Unexplained events that are occurring in ever-growing numbers all over the world, which many of us believe to be signs of the presence and imminent emergence of The World Teacher, – or ‘Coming One’ to use Christian terminology.

A teacher is expected at this time – albeit under different titles: Krishna, Christ, Imam Mahdi, Maitreya Buddha, – by all the world’s religions. According to the Ageless Wisdom these are, however, all names of the same individual: Maitreya – foretold to come by Gautama Buddha 2,500 years ago; who said that another great teacher, a Buddha like himself, would come at this time, by name Maitreya, and he would “inspire humanity to create a brilliant golden civilization based on Righteousness and Truth.”

The task of telling the world that Maitreya is in our midst has primarily fallen to British artist and writer, Benjamin Crème. He has been lecturing, writing and publicizing this most controversial and challenging challengeinformation since 1975.

Signs of Something Wonderful ?

In order to establish a miraculous benchmark of some kind, it’s worth including the Oxford English Dictionary definition of  ‘miracle’. It comes from the Latin miraculum, meaning ‘object of wonder’, and is described as ‘an extraordinary and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore attributed to a divine agency.’

According to Benjamin Crème, Maitreya descended from his mountain retreat deep in the Himalayas and came into his ‘point of focus’ in the world on 19 July 1977 – ‘like a thief in the night’ – and had been gradually emerging, step by step.

Since that time the scope, scale and number of miracles reported worldwide has grown exponentially; “extraordinary seemingly impossible happenings, but happenings which happen,” as Crème puts it.

Lets start just after Maitreya came in the 1980’s and attempt to chart some of the most significant miracles from that time onwards. We will miss most perhaps, but the point is to illustrate the staggering variety of unexplained phenomena and highlight the fact that amidst the chaos of extremism, social injustice and economic uncertainty, something extraordinary – unreported by a deeply cynical mainstream media – is taking place in the world, and is a cause for great hope.

Crosses of light began appearing in 1988 in California, and are still being discovered all over the world.

The first documented Cross of light appeared on 27th May in El Monte California. The Pasadena Star News carried the story, saying, “residents reported seeing a cross shining through a bathroom window of an apartment in El Monte.” Within days of the first cross being seen, 12 more crosses appeared around the Los Angeles area.  Since then they have sprung up in Canada, France, England, Japan, New Zealand and the Philippines; as well as various states of America, including Knoxville Tennessee, where crosses forty feet tall suddenly appeared in the windows of the Copper Ridge Baptist Church. Hundreds have now been seen.

In a variation on this particular miraculous theme, on Easter Sunday 1991, a pre-digital picture was taken of a cross-adorned piece of glass in the Philippines, when the negative was developed, the image of a hand showed up in the glass.

Patterns of Light: beautiful patterns of light, without any discernable source started appearing on buildings and pavements around the world in the late 1980’s, and continue to adorn office and apartment complexes across Europe and America.

In the 1990’s stories about a ‘Mysterious Hitchhiker’ began circulating. A man, or sometimes a woman dressed, in white takes a lift, tells the driver that the return of Christ is imminent and, whilst the car is still moving, promptly disappears. During one month in 1990, a New Zealand newspaper, The Christian Challenge Weekly, received a dozen reports of “angels” taking lifts with Christians and informing them about the imminent return of Christ before mysteriously disappearing from the car.

There have been dozens of reported visions of the Madonna and many accounts of weeping statues and images: Since June 1981 to the present time, six children in the village of Medjugorje in Bosnia have been experiencing visions of the Madonna, who, they claim, gives them messages; Share International relate that in 1986, “an old Coptic church in a slum suburb of northern Cairo became a place of pilgrimage for thousands of Egyptians when numerous visions of the Virgin Mary were reported.” On 17th December 1996 a huge figure (two storeys high) of the Madonna appeared in the windows of an office building in Clearwater South Florida, and remained there until 2004, until ‘vandals’ smashed the panes of glass containing the head of the figure. “The iridescent figure became an international religious icon that drew hundreds of thousands of people,” reported the St Petersburgh Times.

In what is claimed to be the greatest global miracle, (i.e. one that occurred simultaneously around the world), the ‘Hindu Milk Miracle’ of 1995 saw stone Hindu deities ‘drink’ milk that was offered to them. “In temples and in houses and village huts, statues of the elephant-headed god, Ganesh, and Shiva, the destroyer, were drinking spoonfuls of milk,” The Independent reported in September 1995.

The Herald for Maitreya

The ‘purpose’ of miracles has always been to engender faith and wonder. The function of the hundreds of recent unexplained happenings, witnessed all over the world, is, Benjamin Crème makes clear, to act as signs of the presence of Maitreya. To create a sense that, ‘something extraordinary is happening’, and thereby cultivate a state of expectation and hope.

In December 2008 Crème announced the latest and potentially most spectacular ‘sign’: “four great ‘star-like’ luminaries of gigantic power”, would, he forecast, be seen throughout the world. The purpose of these ‘stars’, is to act as ‘a Herald for Maitreya’, in a similar way, but this time seen throughout the four corners of the World, as the ‘star of Bethlehem’ did at the birth of Jesus.

It “looks like a star,” he relates, “only bigger and brighter and nearer, tremendous brilliance and changing colour and moving, but it appears as a star.”

Beginning in Jan 2009, and continuing until today, sightings of these ‘stars’ began being recorded. The ‘celestial phenomena’ have been seen changing size, colour and shape, and moving; behavior that suggests these beautiful, unexplained objects in the skies are not real stars – which, as we know are set in space millions of miles from earth, and certainly do not move, or change shape.

Sightings have been reported from Norway, Costa Rica, USA, Ukraine, Japan, Britain, Turkey and scores of other countries. Video recordings have been taken and up-loaded to You Tube, newspaper and TV reports published.

Proof or no proof

Clearly lists of unexplained happenings prove little or nothing: skeptics will question them, cynics dismiss them. Those cited here are but a small selection of what is a seemingly endless catalogue of miraculous events that have occurred over the last forty years or so: events that at the very least demand our attention and open-minded investigation.

By themselves these ‘impossible happenings’ do not confirm the view that many of us share, that the World Teacher is in our midst, but taken in conjunction with other significant events: the worldwide social movements calling for freedom, justice and social unity, for example, as well as the various sharing initiatives and widespread environmental awareness, suggest that something is afoot – a fundamental change of some kind. A shift in consciousness we could say – slow but growing. A movement away from the selfish individualistic approach of the past – still prevalent, but waning amongst large groups of people – to a way of thinking that places the needs of the many above the endless desires of the few. As Maitreya Himself has said, “there is a growing sense of hope, a likelihood of change, a response to My Presence, creating thus a point of stillness in the tension.”

The emergence of Maitreya into full public work is an event of profound importance, and far-reaching significance; depending how humanity responds, it could, and hopefully will, inspire us to transform life on Earth. Creating, under His guidance, nothing less than a new civilization, a simpler yet infinitely richer life; a just and fair world in which, as Maitreya states, “men can live in peace; can live free from fear of themselves or their brothers; free to create from the joy in their hearts; free to be themselves, in simple honesty.”


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