Police Called In Amid Chaotic Nevada Democratic Convention


The Democratic Nevada Caucus has 3 tiers. Hillary won the first tier, Bernie won the second tier, and the third tier, which occurred this weekend left many infuriated.

Bernie Sanders supporters demanded 64 rejected pro-Sanders delegates, that were disqualified from voting, be allowed to participate in selecting delegates for the national convention, but DNC leaders refused to reconsider their decision. The result of these actions is that Former Secretary Clinton won a convenient 30 delegates.

Roberta Lange, the party’s chairwoman commandeered all mics and surrounded herself by police so that no Sanders supporters could reach the microphone.

Bernie supporters then held a sit-in, but security and local police officers forced them out, saying “it is now in the hands of the attorneys.”

“If we do not leave, it becomes a big issue,” said one Sanders supporter. “I’m not leaving.”

After some time, the lights at the convention were shut off to get Bernie supporters to leave.


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