Bernie Sanders Acquires More Superdelegates


Superdelegates from three more states have pledged to support Sanders.

New Hampshire State Senator Martha Fuller Clark, Elaine Harris of West Virginia, and Tim Vandeveer of Hawaii have all pledged to support Sanders at the Democratic National Convention in July.

Although Hillary Clinton still has an enormous majority of the currently pledged super delegates (543 to Sanders 44), things could change come the convention in July. Many of Clinton’s super delegates pledged their support even before the first primaries and caucuses. These superdelegates can change their minds at the convention, something Sanders hopes to make happen in July when he convinces them that he is the better candidate to defeat Donald Trump.

There are nine contests left before the convention in July, which most likely will result in neither Clinton or Sanders reaching the 2,383 needed to secure the nomination. This means that the race may come down to how superdelegates decide at the convention.

As much as Clinton wants to declare the primary race as over, many are waiting patiently for the convention and the real outcome.


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