Fox News’ Presidential Debate Moderator: “It’s Not My Job to be a Truth Squad”


Fox News will be moderating a presidential debate for the first time this election year. On October 19th Chris Wallace, host of Fox News Sunday, will be moderating the third presidential debate in Las Vegas.

So what does this mean to Wallace and Fox News? Howard Kurtz asked him this week on Fox News’ Media Buzz, “What do you do if they make assertions that you know to be untrue?”

Wallace replied, “That’s not my job. It’s not my job to be a truth squad.”

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This will be interesting for both candidates. Trump is especially known for consulting with conspiracy theororists, making false claims about Barack Obama’s birth certificate, and has been known to lie at least once every five minutes.  (Hillary Clinton has not yet been studied by Politico.)

Also, in what is being called a “massive conflict of interest”, Wallace has close ties to Roger Ailes, who is now helping Trump prepare for the debate. Ailes was forced out of his position recently after sexual harassment allegations, yet Wallace continues to offer him high praise.

Wallace further stated that he is “proud to be a representative of Fox” and believes his selection will help fight the belief that Fox is a “right-wing network” that “favors Republicans.”


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