Ohio Police Pepper Spray Woman in Restraint Chair


Chilling new video evidence of an Ohio woman being pepper sprayed while restrained is going viral.

25-year-old Amber Swink of Ohio is suing the Montgomery County Sheriff Department after she was restrained in an isolation room and pepper-sprayed in the face while deputies laughed.

Swink is seen in the video being pepper spray at close range by Sgt. Judith Sealey. When interviewed by the Washington Post, Swink said, “It took my breath away. You’re fighting for air. I remember my mouth was filling with a thick slobber, like foaming up — and that was also blocking my airway” and that she thought she “might die.”

The lawsuit also includes allegations of the sheriff’s department attempting a cover up by destroying evidence.

Swink was arrested last November while drinking at home. Deputies claim that she was aggressive towards jail personnel, but we aren’t sure how that is justification for the cruel and unusual punishment.

Montgomery County Sheriff Phil Plummer says that her treatment was an “isolated incident.” Plummer also stated that “This isn’t that egregious where she’s walked away with any serious injuries. The officer she spit on should sue her.”


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