Activists Protest Outside CNN Demanding Fair and Accurate Reporting on Standing Rock

CNN, as well as most other mainstream media outlets, have failed to report on nearly any development of the pipeline dispute.

Photo Credit: Joe Catron/Flicker

Native American activists are protesting outside CNN’s office building in Hollywood demanding more coverage on the Dakota Access Pipeline protests.

The Indigenous Life Movement has covered the event via Facebook:

The group can be heard singing and playing instruments in peaceful protest outside the building. They have to raise awareness about the bias or near-lack of coverage the mainstream news network is giving to the protests in North Dakota.

CNN has barely covered the situation in North Dakota. On Thursday, when police showed up in full riot gear and used tear gas and pepper spray on the peaceful water protectors, the network finally ran a small story featured on their homepage with a headline that stated the protesters were starting fires.

Although additional details were given when reading the actual report, CNN failed to report on any of injustices on the part of the police, including protestors being injured by shrapnel from concussion grenades and pepper spray to the face.

As one protestor said, “They’re not doing their job. They’re not informing people of the real issues. They want to pervert and distort what’s happening there.”

CNN, as well as most other mainstream media outlets, have failed to report on nearly any development of the pipeline dispute. The only thing they seem to report on is when it escalates to a point where police are arresting water protectors, and even then they fail to discuss the larger issue at hand of the corporate greed that is driving confrontation.

Several people took to Twitter to call out CNN for their silence:

Tell the Obama Administration to Abandon the Dakota Access Pipeline


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