Bernie Sanders responds to Trump’s victory

When it comes to the policies that Trump has hinted at that would be “racist, sexist, xenophobic and anti-environmental,” Sanders vows to “vigorously oppose him.”


Bernie Sanders made a statement via Facebook yesterday to address his plans now that Donald Trump has been elected as our next president.

In the viral post, Sanders acknowledges that Trump’s narrow victory was a result of the anger of the American people. Anger towards the establishment, of which people view Hillary Clinton as a part of, as well as low wages, lack of decent jobs, and unfair tax advantages the rich enjoy.

When it comes to the policies that Trump has hinted at that would be “racist, sexist, xenophobic and anti-environmental,” Sanders vows to “vigorously oppose him.”

What Sanders doesn’t acknowledge is the fact that had he been the democratic presidential nominee, he most likely would have crushed Trump.

In five of the states that Trump won that gave him a decisive victory – Indiana, Michigan, Oklahoma, West Virginia, and Wisconsin – exit polling data suggests that the demographics would have swung those states in Sanders’ favor.

The blog All That is Interesting created an electoral map that shows what a hypothetical election would have been with Sanders winning in the traditionally blue states that Hillary Clinton lost in:


U.S. Uncut has a state by state breakdown of each of the swing states that Hillary lost but Bernie Sanders would have won.

Indiana, Michigan, West Virginia, and Wisconsin were all states that Clinton lost to Trump but that Bernie Sanders won, some by a large margin, during the democratic primaries.


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