Anti-Trump protests sweep the nation

Protesters, especially students, are marching in solidarity to protest the recent election of Donald Trump as our next POTUS.


Thousands of people across the nation have taken to the streets in mass walkouts and protests to show their concern with Donald Trump becoming the President-elect.

Chanting things like “the whole world is watching” individuals from all backgrounds, races, and ages across the country stood up to show how they are not going to unite peacefully after Trump’s surprising victory:

Students especially were active during the protests. Students from Bishop O’Dowd High School and Berkeley High school in California participated in a mass walkout from school.

More students from Boulder High School in Colorado, Carl Hayden High School in Arizona, and even University of Texas students (a state where Trump had huge support) walked out of their schools and marched across their cities to protest Trump’s victory.

Some of the school districts and schools themselves seem to have shown their support for the protests, with Berkley High School posting pictures of their walkout on their Twitter page:

Students in Los Angeles marched on L.A. City Hall, where the burned a giant Trump head in effigy and blocked traffic. “I expected better of my electorate,” stated one.


Late Wednesday night around 2,000 people rallied at UCLA.

Others rallied across Los Angeles, resulting in a major highway shutdown and at least 13 people arrested.

Students have tweeted using the hashtag “#NotMyPresident”, which has also become a chant among young and old during the ongoing protests. Others are chanting “Si, se puede,” Spanish for “Yes, we can.”

Other people, not specifically from schools, chanted “Not my President” and “Not today,” in least 25 U.S. cities participated in the protests.

2,000 protestors gathered in downtown Chicago outside Trump International Hotel & Tower. At least five people were arrested from obstructing traffic and criminal trespass.

In NYC thousands marched past Rockefeller Center up Sixth Avenue, chanting and banging drums. Some chanted: “Racist, sexist, anti-gay! Donald Trump must go away!” among some expletives.

Hundreds of sticky notes appeared plastered on the walls of New York subway stations.


In Oakland, where more than 7,000 people gathered, tear gas and flash-bang grenades were deployed by police and things like bottles and firecrackers were thrown. At least thirty people were arrested for various charges, including vandalism.

Several thousand marched through downtown Seattle with signs that read “Fight Racism” and “Impeach Drumpy.”

Protesters in Portland, Oregon, shut down interstate 5 in both directions.

Many also marched on various Trump hotels and buildings, including the Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C.


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