Monday, December 18, 2017
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Check out which Senators have the best environmental records

The list is made up entirely of Democrats and no Republicans. Are you surprised?

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Business Insider, using information from the The League of Conservation Voters (LVC), recently released a list of the top Senators that consistently voted for environmental safeguards.

The list is made up entirely of Democrats and no Republicans. Are you surprised?

Notably absent from the list is Senator Bernie Sanders, whose overall score was hurt by his absences from many key votes last year, while he was campaigning for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Note: Each of the following Senators scored a 100% for the year 2016

As the LVC stated earlier this year, “The stakes for protecting the environment and public health have never been higher and the threats have never been greater. We must do more than ever to work with our allies in Congress – and mobilize the public – to fight the Trump administration and the extreme Congressional leadership who want to roll back our bedrock environmental laws and President Obama’s incredible progress.”

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