Family values?

Just like all of the aforementioned (so called) leaders we have elected, Mr. Trump will do what the real ‘Deep State’ or Military Industrial Empire orders him to do. That is the real family that these men all belong to.


Adolf Hitler never had any children, but most historians reveal how much he apparently loved the little ones… IF they were of pure Aryan blood. He also loved, they say, his dog Blondi, appropriately being a German Shepherd. Most, if not all, of the top Nazis in his regime were devoted family men. One wonders if Heinrich Himmler, after his trips to the concentration camps to view the half starved, pajama wearing inmates, and of course the gassing and incineration system he supervised, came home to his lovely daughter Gudrun, who he affectionately called Puppi (Dolly). Did his deputy Reinhardt Heydrich find time to play with his children, Heider, Silke and Marti after he planned the operation of the  ‘Final Solution’ for Himmler? As to the man who kept the ‘Cattle Cars’ rolling on schedule to and from the myriad of concentration camps, did Adolf Eichmann sit his young ones: Klaus, Horst and Dieter on his knees and read them bedtime stories? The historians tell us that all of these men were devoted and caring fathers, and in Hitler’s case, looked upon as ‘Uncle Adolf.’

We know from our American historians that Richard Nixon loved Trisha and Julie, his devoted daughters. Did he spend a quiet Christmas Eve and Christmas day with them while his Operation Linebacker II (December 18-29 1972) sent the heaviest in decades B-52 bomber assault upon Hanoi? Did he exchange wonderful gifts with the girls while thousands of civilians were killed during the raids, the most since WW2? Fast forward to the 1980s and the ‘great’ inspiration of fearless Amerikan President Reagan. While under his command the ultra right wing Salvadoran death squads were murdering anyone, including priests (Romero) and nuns who showed dissent. Yet, Ronnie had time to spend time with his children, Michael, Christine, Patti, Maureen and Ron Jr. He was, from all accounts, a good dad. So was Poppy Bush, the first President Bush. He must have spent lots of time with his five children, even when he ordered the ‘carpet bombing ‘ of Iraq during  ‘Desert Storm’ (August 1990- February 1991). Did Bush give his son ‘W’ insights (for his own future illegal attack on Iraq in 2003) when our air force annihilated defeated Iraqi soldiers as they retreated? As to our own military, shipped over in droves to a (so called) war that never should have taken place, would ‘Poppy’ like it if his sons or daughter came down with ‘Gulf War Syndrome’? This condition, according to many scientific experts, was most likely caused by our chemical weapons’ clouds of residue that ‘blew back’ to our own side.

William Jefferson Clinton became president in 1992, continuing the economic sanctions against Iraq. We know how much Bill and his wife Hillary loved their only child, Chelsea. Most likely, as with many parents of an only child, she was spoiled in a loving way. Well, the harsh U.S. led sanctions against Iraq led to many Iraqis becoming half starved and sickly. So much so that thousands, perhaps tens, even hundreds of thousands died during his eight years in office. His former Secretary of State, Madeline Albright, when she moved on to be (ironically) Ambassador to the UN, was asked in 1996 by reporter Leslie Stahl: “We have heard that half a million children have died. That’s more children than died in Hiroshima. And you know, is the price worth it?” Madame Albright’s response: ” I think this is a very hard choice, but the price, we think the price is worth it.” In 2003, George W Bush, as ‘Commander in Grief’, ordered or rather was told by his handlers to sign off on the most heinous and immoral (and illegal) pre-emptive attack on another nation in our country’s history. As the embedded and servile mainstream media cheered our carpet bombing of Iraq, Bush Jr. most likely was doting on his twin daughters, Jenna and Barbara. After all, it doesn’t matter how many of other people’s loved ones, including young children, our bombs and depleted uranium weapons destroy, it’s our family values that matter, isn’t it?

Finally, we come to our last two presidents. We know both of them love their children. Mr. Obama obviously loved his girls more than he did the children of Libya. He allowed Ms. Hillary, ‘The Wicked Witch’ to convince him to sign off on another great carpet bombing campaign by our country. He must have been proud, as he shot some hoops at the White House, with how we destroyed one of the most progressive nations in Africa. Did he sit with his girls to watch the complete chaos he caused, and Ms. Clinton topping it off with “We came, we saw.. he died.” Did Obama teach his daughters how much of the chaos in Syria was exacerbated by what we did in Libya? Well, he gave way to ‘The Donald’ who knows as little about world affairs as Bush Jr. did. Yet, we do know how much this man has doted on his children, giving his Ivanka the ‘leg up’ to become a mega millionaire. She is claimed to be his close advisor as well. One wonders if she ‘signed off’ on his dropping that ‘Mother of All Bombs’ last month. Or if she likes the fact that her dad apparently has little or no backbone, as he has reneged on many of his populist policy promises to the fools who followed him to the voting booth. Just like all of the aforementioned (so called) leaders we have elected, Mr. Trump will do what the real ‘Deep State’ or Military Industrial Empire orders him to do. That is the real family that these men all belong to.


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