The Democratic ‘Blue Wave,’ a powerful tsunami rushing toward Trump and the Republicans

It looks as if the people’s revolution that Sen. Bernie Sanders talked about is becoming a reality; now it’s called a Blue Wave.

Image Credit: FiveThirtyEight

The huge unpopularity of President Trump, combined with the Republican agenda of destruction, appear to be freeing the vast majority of Americans from their prolonged state of apathy. This awakening has triggered a Blue Wave that, as it continues to gather momentum, will erupt into a tsunami that will engulf the Republican Party in the November elections.  

In recent state and local elections across America Democrats have been hugely successful in defeating Republicans, even in states and districts that Trump won easily in the presidential election. The youthful Conor Lamb scored a stunning win in Pennsylvania right in the heart of Trump country. Democrats won governor’s races in Virginia and New Jersey. Doug Jones overwhelmed Republican candidate Roy Moore in the Alabama special senatorial election.

It looks as if the people’s revolution that Sen. Bernie Sanders talked about is becoming a reality; now it’s called a Blue Wave. As it grows in power Republicans are in an increasing state of panic. Thirty-eight Republicans in the U.S. House, including Speaker Paul Ryan, have decided to either resign, retire, or just not seek reelection. We might call that running for the hills or, perhaps, rodents jumping off a rapidly sinking ship.

For some reason, Republicans seemed to think that they were in permanent control of this government and that no matter how egregious their actions were Americans would remain locked in their state of apathy and let them do as they wished. Just how very arrogant and stupid can they be? I guess they never heard the words payback or blowback but that’s exactly what they are going to get in just a few more months.

Why are the Republicans in this political dilemma in which this Democratic Blue Wave is going to engulf them? Well, if your positions on the most important issues facing America are in direct opposition with those of most Americans, then you are racing down the road to a political disaster.  

Let’s take a look at what these Republicans could and should have done while they have had power over the Congress and did basically nothing. To some continuing to talk about them may be boringly repetitious but that’s what we must do or they will continue to fester.

Republicans have completed failed to take action on the nation’s Infrastructure, the heart of America’s commerce, the condition of which grows worse every day. Their excuse for not doing so is that they cannot come up with the funding. Well, maybe that’s because they gave away $1.5 trillion in tax cuts to the richest Americans. And, secondly, they poured billions more into the machinery of war, into the already greatly bloated military budget.

Climate change? What about it? It’s no more than a hoax to them, the climate’s fine and all those many thousands of climate scientists are just a part of a large plot intended to do great harm to the corporations who supply the world with petroleum. So, just forget about climate change. 

How about the need to develop new sources of energy, primarily solar power, the most powerful source of energy in this part of our universe; energy which must someday completely replace fossil fuels? Well, they are not at all interested since the oil industry they support is doing very well and fracking is on the rise. Why waste time on solar? 

Education in America is at one of the lowest points in our history. Our system, when ranked against all the other developed nations, comes out as average at best. Here’s an example of a missed opportunity there for the taking. There are some 6 million unfilled jobs in the manufacturing sector which need highly skilled technicians in robotics and computer controlled manufacturing operations. 

Why can’t companies find qualified workers? Well, the many thousands of vocational and trade schools that we once had in this country are almost non-existent. Are Republicans leading the efforts to reestablish them to offer courses in these technical skills? I doubt if they even are aware of this great need. And if they were, they wouldn’t do anything anyway. 

Healthcare is not even on the Republican list of priorities. We don’t have one healthcare system that covers every American such as all the other developed nations of the world have; instead, we have 5 separate systems; private medical coverage, Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare and the VA, the Veterans Administration.

This is a convoluted system that is not effectively coordinated. Hospitals, doctors, providers and others are drowning in masses of paperwork. The overall cost of these systems to this country is regularly estimated to be double of that of other developed nations. Something should be done and soon but nothing is happening; and a large number of Americans remain without any coverage. Do Republicans care in the least?

Right at the top of America’s most critical problems are the continuous mass shootings in which our children are being gunned down like animals. Republicans watch one after another of these acts of domestic terrorism take place and, no matter how horrific they are, they look the other way and refuse to take measures to strengthen gun control laws and ban all assault weapons, bump stocks, and large ammunition magazines.

When they value their guns more than the lives of our children then they are the lowest form of human being on this planet.

Besides all these failures it’s disgraceful how Republicans have bowed down and submitted to the authoritarian power of Trump. They have watched as he has stained the office of the American presidency. They listen to and condone his constant lying, misstatements, tweets spewing out hatred, and bigotry; they watch his manipulation and reckless behavior. Where is their honor and sense of duty to their country? 

Based on the complete failure of Republicans to even address let alone solve America’s greatest problems this political eruption and Blue Wave should not surprise anyone. Republicans have brought this dilemma on themselves.

When a Republican strategist such as Frank Luntz says that Republicans are in deep trouble and can lose both the House and the Senate Republicans must be shaking in their boots.  

Right now we are watching this Blue Wave gathering momentum. Soon we will see it erupt into a tsunami when Special Prosecutor Mueller presents concrete evidence that will prove that Mr. Trump and/or his associates engaged in collusion with the Russians and that this president did everything in his power to obstruct the investigation.  

Look for Mueller to present his case and associated evidence in June or July. And then we’ll watch as this tsunami comes crashing down on the Republican Party.


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