‘Progressive’ Democrats need to reconnect with the American people; regain their trust

Progressive Democrats must make the restoration of this government to one “Of the people, by the people and for the people” their main objective.

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We need to see a new breed of Democrats step up to energize and motivate their party to reconnect with the American people by regaining their trust. We might say that the “Blue wave” that seems to be gathering momentum is a sign of what is referred to as “Out with the old and in with the new.”

In other words, if the Democratic Party wants to be successful in the November elections it must have fresh thinking progressives to convince Americans that they and their party will make the restoration of this government to one “Of the people, by the people and for the people” their main objective. That the will of the people will, once again, prevail and that the objectives of this government will be based on the needs and wishes of the people.

That’s not what’s been happening and Democrats have, along with Republicans, failed the American people. So it’s high time for Democrats to institute this new, fresh thinking and move the party away from the centrist influences that has been taking it in exactly the wrong direction. Call it a rebirth or whatever but it’s a key factor in the quest by Democrats to retake control of the Congress first and then the White House.

In this election, Democrats have a brilliant opportunity to regain control of the House and, possibly even the Senate. The big question is; will they rise to the occasion and seize this opportunity or will they blow their chances? Can they inspire trust in the people, the path to success?

The American people want change, many of them put their faith in Trump to bring about this change and now they have seen he is simply not up to the job. But they don’t want to listen to Trump bashing by Democrats, they want to hear how Democrats will initiate change, specifics, not generalities. What will they do differently, how will they attack this country’s most pressing problems? They want action and they want it now.

These new wave Democrats must bring a positive, constructive message to Americans. At this point in time it appears that too many of them, and especially their leaders, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, need to get a wakeup call. Stop vacillating and wasting precious time and get going right now. Like the old saying goes; lead, follow, or just get the hell out of the way.

In their message to Americans they need to talk about five or six key issues, serious problems facing America, and show how they would deal with them; that they could present viable solutions.

Here are some of the major problem areas which must be discussed in specific terms:

Healthcare: talk about the need to keep the Obamacare healthcare system in effect and emphasize that the problems that caused so much criticism can easily be fixed. Inform Americans of the vast waste of having a current healthcare system with five separate systems within it; Obamacare, private medical insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, and the VA, the Veterans Administration.

Make the case for the need to slowly but surely combine these 5 separate systems into one universal healthcare system in which all Americans are covered; a system resembling those that all of the other developed nations of the world have had in effect for decades. Illustrate the reasons why these systems in other countries are very effective with little to no waste.

Immigration: vow to come up with positive, constructive ways by which to solve this festering problem. Democrats need to indicate how they will lead the efforts to find a permanent solution relative to DACA, the program in which nearly 4 million undocumented immigrants were brought to this country as children; a solution by which these so called “Dreamers” will have a path to citizenship.

Also promise to immediately stop this government’s current policy of separating parents and children when these illegal immigrants are detained at border crossings. This, again, is a very difficult situation to deal with but, until there is an effective immigration policy developed, we must treat these parents and children in a humane way.

Infrastructure: don’t just say that we need to address this nation’s deteriorating infrastructure. Be explicit in discussing the aging and deteriorating condition of the nation’s bridges and highways, the need to make major repairs to America’s sewer and drinking water systems. Talk about the need to upgrade this nation’s 19th century electrical grid. Stress the need to develop new sources of energy, especially solar power, to replace fossil fuels.

Make certain that Americans understand that this infrastructure system is the heart of this nation’s commerce and if it is allowed to continue to deteriorate we are going to adversely affect our entire economy.

Foreign policy; diplomacy: Democrats need to totally reject this government’s agenda of endless wars that is costing taxpayers trillions of dollars. They must show how, if we practice a far more rational foreign policy, based on promoting peace instead of constant conflict, we will make America and the world a much safer place.

Iran Nuclear Agreement, Paris Climate Accord: they should make it clear that when they regain control of Congress that they will immediately reinstate the Iran Nuclear Agreement that President Trump cancelled. And also that they will have America, once again, become a participating member of the Paris Climate Accord, playing an active role in finding ways to address this issue that threatens our planet.

North Korea: indicate that you will initiate ongoing, intensive negotiations by which to eventually remove all nuclear weapons from North Korea, with the aim to eventually create an agreement such as the one with Iran. Stress the fact that this matter is very complex and the only way to achieve these objectives is to establish trust between America and North Korea so neither one will feel the need to threaten the other in future years. That is easier said than done and will take a lot of time to develop.

That will be enough; there is no need to try to illustrate how to solve all of the nation’s many problems; progressive Democrats just need to show Americans how they would handle these critically important issues in very specific terms.

In the lead up to the November elections don’t use any cutesy terms such as “Making America great again” or “Draining the swamp.” Just level with the American people; don’t talk in generalities, be specific and put forth positive and constructive ideas that will show them how you will turn this country in new directions. That’s what you must do to, once again, earn their trust.


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