‘That’s pretty pathetic:’ Bernie Sanders on Trump’s immigration policies

"I think that's pretty pathetic, but I think ultimately that's his strategy."

Senator Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders appeared on CNN on Wednesday night to discuss President Trump’s policy of breaking a part immigrant families.

Sanders feels that Trump “created the crisis” and “could end the crisis.” The Vermont Senator believes that the disastrous and heartbreaking policy was created by Trump in a “pathetic” attempt to please his voters.

“He sees from his political perspective that being anti-immigrant is a winner for him politically. I don’t think it is, but that’s his logic. And he will continue to mount a very strong anti-immigrant effort,” Sanders said.

CNN host Anderson Cooper questioned Sanders on whether or not the policy is related to the president’s attempts to get funding for a border wall. Sanders responded:

“Maybe, maybe. I think more importantly, you have a president who has given tax breaks to billionaires, who wants to cut programs that working people desperately need, and he thinks, as authoritarian types all over Europe believe, that if you can foment anger against immigrants and show how strong and tough you are on those little children that it will get you votes in elections. I think that’s pretty pathetic, but I think ultimately that’s his strategy.”

Sanders echoes the sentiments of many progressives that believes Trump’s executive order to “fix” the policy doesn’t go far enough and further complicates the situation.

You can watch the exchange below:



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