Progressive Briefing for Monday, August 20, 2018

U.S. prisoners organize massive prison strike, Catholic leaders do damage control, ICE detains a man driving his pregnant wife to the hospital to give birth, and more.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Police determine officer was driving at ‘unsafe speed’ when striking teen

Police investigators in Sacramento recently determined that an officer was traveling at an unsafe speed when his department-issued SUV collided into a teenager fleeing on foot. According to police dash cam and body cam videos, the 16-year-old was physically ambushed by the officers for riding his bicycle without a front light.

Demanding wide-reaching reforms and an end to slavery, inmates in 17 states plan prison strike

Incarcerated Americans in at least 17 states will go on strike this coming week, refusing to perform labor and engaging in sit-ins and hunger strikes to demand major reforms to the country’s prison and criminal justice systems.

Catholic leaders attempt damage control in wake of Pennsylvania child sex abuse report

Fallout continues in the Catholic Church following a bombshell grand jury report documenting over a thousand instances of child sexual abuse from over 300 priests in Pennsylvania. While some Catholic leaders continue to downplay the significance of the allegations, others are canceling upcoming public appearances.

‘Your bombs are killing victims here:’ US-made bomb hit school bus in attack that killed 40 Yemeni children

The United States carries direct responsibility for the school bus bombing that killed 40 children in Yemen last week, according to munitions experts who found that the bomb used was sold to Saudi Arabia by the State Department.

ICE detains man driving his wife to the hospital to give birth to their baby

Father-to-be Joel Arrona was about to meet his infant son when ICE agents apprehended him.

Arrona stopped for gas in San Bernardino, California on Wednesday while driving his pregnant wife, Maria del Carmen Venegas, to a local hospital for a scheduled C-section. ICE agents approached the car while it was parked at the gas station and asked the couple to present their identification. When Arrona said he didn’t have his ID with him, the agents took him into custody.

Trump’s ‘immoral’ plan to allow coal states to self-regulate could send 365 million tons of carbon into atmosphere

Weeks after President Donald Trump moved to keep California from applying its own stringent regulations to auto emissions, White House officials indicated that the president would soon unveil a plan to give several other states the right to self-regulate regarding pollution – but the states in question this time are coal producers, and Trump’s proposal is likely to cause an explosion in emission rates as well as a worsening of the climate crisis.


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