Trump’s worst nightmare begins as Democrats and Mueller prepare to join forces

Mueller’s ongoing investigation was already wearing heavily on Trump and now he will have a plethora of Democrats investigating his actions and behavior like a bunch of rabid dogs.

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Very soon we will see the combined power of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller and the Democrats who now control the U.S. House used to expand the scope of the Mueller Russian investigation. Their primary target will, of course, be Donald J. Trump.

This is a president who is obsessed with power and control, one who uses the force of his office to disregard the rule of law, to ignore the major tenets of the U.S. Constitution, who insults and bullies others, and who has ignited a war with the free press; he lies and deceives continuously.

He’s been getting away with it because his Republican foot soldiers have been letting him. But all of a sudden a new chapter in his presidency has opened. We might say that the day of reckoning for him is fast approaching. Now he will pay a price for his refusal to act in the manner that a president of this country should, i.e., based on the principles of honesty, integrity, ethics, and morality.

He is obsessed with controlling — everything. He’s used to issuing the orders and expecting others to just obey them, never to question them or him. That’s the way it’s been for the last two years or so. Well, “the times they are a changin” as Democrats who now control the House are preparing investigations.

There are strong indications that Mueller is winding down his investigation and will soon issue a report detailing his findings. The key to what House Democrats will do in their investigation into the Russian meddling and Trump’s possible involvement will be this report.

The extent to which it involves Trump will largely determine the Democrat’s next strategy. If the report is a blockbuster that shows that Trump is clearly guilty of collusion or conspiring with Russia against America, or obstruction of justice, Democrats will initiate impeachment proceedings.

If there is no real evidence that Trump was involved it won’t be the end of this matter because Democrats will go ahead with their own investigation which will be very comprehensive. We don’t know what will happen so let’s just speculate on what we might see in the coming weeks and months.

Mueller will, at some point in the very near future, issue that report and send it to Trump’s handpicked Acting Attorney General, Matthew Whitaker. Then the big question is: will Whitaker then forward it to the Congress and to the Democrats in the house?

Or will he decide to just hold it and try to just let the matter die? If he dares to do that, obviously at the orders of Trump, Washington D.C. and the Congress will be thrown into a state of political war. Without a doubt, Whitaker was chosen by Trump as Acting AG to see that this investigation comes to an end and its conclusions are never revealed to Congress or the American people.

But Whitaker may never get the chance to bury the Mueller report if Trump’s devious plot backfires because Democrats and various legal experts say that this appointment is not in accordance with Justice Dept. policy or the Constitution. Some resolution to this matter will be coming very soon.

How did we ever get to this low point in U.S. history? It started with Trump being elected president. Then Mueller was appointed Special Prosecutor. Trump, after becoming president and taking complete control of the Republican Party, thought that he would be free to do anything he wished and nobody could stop him.

Trump must have that sinking feeling as he sees the walls closing in on him. Mueller is relentless, reveals nothing of what he is doing or what he might do next. But one thing we know; as Jake Tapper of CNN said recently, “the noose is tightening.”

The American people will be watching what the Democrats do when they take over control of the House in January 2019. Sure they want to see them follow through on this investigation but they don’t want to see it completely dominate the Democrats’ agenda. They want Democrats to address this country’s many ongoing problems. If Democrats do not respond to what the people want then their control of the House will be short-lived.

I see two major elements in their agenda. First, they will try to work with Republicans and Trump to develop legislation for making healthcare coverage available to every American, significantly reducing costs, and making America’s healthcare system far more effective and less wasteful.

The improved system will be some form of universal health coverage, i.e,., single payer or Medicare for all. This objective will be very difficult to achieve and a high hill to climb because Republicans will fight it tooth and nail, but Democrats will have strong support from a vast majority of Americans.

Democrats will also put forth legislation to repair and rebuild the nation’s infrastructure, to lower taxes for all Americans, to raise the minimum wages to $15, and address other pressing needs. They need to concentrate their efforts only on key areas if they want to achieve effective results.

Now assuming that Mueller’s findings are not strong enough to implicate Trump but there is a feeling that something was just not unearthed by the Mueller team. Then Democrats will initiate their own investigation.

They will have House committees, Intelligence and Judiciary, and to a lesser degree, Ethics and Oversight and Reform, use the Mueller report as their starting point and then spend whatever time and effort to obtain additional evidence and facts to see who may have worked with the Russians in this treasonous scheme against our country.

One of the first things Democrats will do is to obtain Trump’s tax returns. They will likely reveal many things about Trump’s devious financial schemes and tactics, together with possible connections with Russia. What those tax returns contain could very well provide all the evidence needed to take Trump down.

Mueller’s ongoing investigation was already wearing heavily on Trump and now he will have a plethora of Democrats investigating his actions and behavior like a bunch of rabid dogs. Democrats do not need to impeach him but, instead, send him copies of damning evidence implicating him so that he has no choice but to resign.

So Mr. Trump won’t be enjoying sweet dreams because the last two years of his first and only presidential term in office is going to be a living nightmare.


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