Generation Z more progressive than millennial generation, new survey shows

"Gen Z looks a lot like millennials politically, which is terrible news for Republicans."

Image Credit: David J. Phillip/AP

A new survey conducted by Pew Research Center has put Generation Z, between the ages of 13 and 21, ahead of the millennial generation as being the most progressive generation ever. From believing humanity played a role in climate change to disliking Donald Trump, Generation Z is all about “diversity and government reform.”

“Gen Z looks a lot like millennials politically, which is terrible news for Republicans,” Jeffrey Sachs, Acadia University lecturer said in response to the survey.”

Pew’s survey found that “70 percent of Gen Zers disapprove of Trump, 54 percent believe the planet is warming because of human activity, and 70 percent believe the government should be doing more to solve the nation’s problems,” Common Dreams reported.

Along with these progressive views, Generation Z respondents also reject nationalism with 56 percent saying the U.S. is one of the best countries, along with some others. And want society to be more accepting of transgender people, a view that is highest among Generation Z compared to all other generations.

While the data sheds light on this generation, experts believe it’s too early to predict what will come of the progressive mindset, but the data suggests that generational replacement might soon be a major problem for the GOP.

“Generational replacement is going to a major hurdle for the GOP and [the Supreme Court],” Anthony Michael Kreis, visiting assistant professor of law at Chicago-Kent College, said. “There will have to be a leftward shift all around in the not so distant future or there will be no GOP to speak of and the courts will have a real countermajoritarian problem.”


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